Moms Rule – Surviving Motherhood with Laughter Instead of Prozac

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I couldn’t wait to have children when I was 20. I imagined having three or four kids running around, being each other’s best friend, worshiping the ground that I walked on for bringing them into this beautiful world. We would do little mini-vacations every month, go to Disney World every summer. They would all be the smartest in their class, belong to every club and extra-curricular activity available, and graduate with honors. They would go on to college, meet their soul mate, get married, and live happily ever after. When I grew too old to live at home alone, they would welcome me into their homes with open arms and I would be constantly surrounded by grandchildren who just loved their Nana to bits.

Roxy the Grandbaby

Have the tears of laughter stopped running down your face yet? It’s okay, I understand. I was just a bit disillusioned, right? I have to admit though, with my first-born, my daughter, being a mom was a breeze. Great child, great outlook on life, great student, and an exceptional 20-something now enjoying her life and getting ready to buy the home that I’ll be moving into when I’m old. I’ve even got a grand baby – Roxy.

When my daughter, April, was 10 years old, everything changed and life as we knew it was completely shot to hell. The second child was born, a son by the name of Jonathan, who I swore never slept longer than 2 hours at a time. I cannot remember the amount of times after a late night feeding I stumbled to the living room to snuggle into the corner of our sectional sofa and try to rock him to sleep. Normally I fell asleep before him, which usually meant he face-planted on the floor and the screaming woke me up and I had to start all over again to get him back to sleep.

Three years after Jonathan was born, another little bundle of joy made their entrance into the world. After three years of dealing with the boy-child, I was praying for a girl. Please God let it be another girl. God has a really crappy sense of humor. He blessed me with another boy, my youngest and last, Tre.

The Mom of Boys

Before I knew it, April was ditching me and moving out of the house, truly leaving me outnumbered. I think that was about the time I started taking Prozac. Jonathan just seemed to amass more energy  the older he became and was like a twirling Tasmanian Devil most days. He’s also the only child in history to only last two hours his first day of kindergarten before being expelled for the rest of the year. We got to spend another wonderfully active year together, day in and day out. Death-defying jumps from the trees, watering the trees and flowers in the yard when he felt like it (and not with the garden hose), and naturally coaxing his younger brother into these daily antics.

I’m surprised that Stephanie Blum hasn’t featured them in one of her Genius or Imbecile? videos yet.

I think we’ve all met a few Genius or Imbecile types – or may even be them. Let’s face it though – being a mom is exhausting. Spills, broken vases, muddy dogs or cats running across the clean floor, trying to see who can climb up the door frame of the kitchen with their bare feet the fastest – these things have become the norm. We were all kids once that made the same silly mistakes our own children are making. Sometimes laughter proves to be the best medicine to keep your sanity during those sticky situations.

Moms Rule

Moms Rule YouTube Series

Stephanie Blum is a former school psychologist from Brooklyn turned hilarious stand-up comedian with MOMS RULE, a laugh riot web series on YouTube that exposes the secrets that all moms have in common – whether you admit it or not! Her personal brand of comedic wit snagged the attention of the producers of a new comedy series on TLC called WHAT SHE SAID. It premieres during TLC’s “Mother of All Weeks” leading up to Mother’s Day. The sneak peek for the show will air on Sunday, May 10, 2015 at 11PM ET/10PM CT on TLC.

Appear on the Show

Those of you who follow Stephanie Blum on Facebook or on Twitter @StephanieBlum or @MomsRuleShow, subscribe to her YouTube channel or to the Moms Rule Facebook page will be the first to find out how THEY can appear on the show MOMS RULE! You know you’re secretly dying to get on national television and tell embarrassing stories about your kids. You will also get bonus and backstage episodes, free tickets to MOMS RULE – The LIVE Stand-Up Comedy Tour (starring the moms from the show, LIVE on stage) and find out how you can book them to perform their special brand of comedy LIVE at YOUR event.

I for one will be tuned in on Sunday, May 10th at 11PM ET/10PM CT to TLC to catch the sneak peek of What She Said. Won’t you join me?

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