Moving Must-Haves: Things You’ll Need For Your First Home

Congratulations on buying your first home – there are some moving must-haves that you’ll need though. The times ahead will be exciting, and you’ll make some life-long memories. Moving into a new house can also be challenging; there will be plenty to organize, purchase, and even build. However, if you plan sufficiently and rope with the help of your loved ones; your moving day should be a breeze.

Make sure you take enough time to write you lists and tick everything off before the big day arrives. You’ll be able to organize the days leading up to moving when you should do your last minute packing, and contact any services you’ll be using. You can then begin to prepare for your first couple of weeks in your new place as you settle in successfully.

You’ll want to ensure that you have everything you need when it comes to transferring your life into a fresh property; even if it is packed up in a box somewhere. Whether you’ve bought all your furniture and have hired a removal company to ensure the day runs smoothly, or you’re just taking essential items, and your family and friends are driving the items over for you; there are certain things everyone will need when they move.

The following are some ideas, inspiration, and tips for those who have purchased their first home and want their moving in experience to be as stress-free as possible.

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Pick An Unloading Space

Before moving day comes around; it’s a smart idea to pick a space or a room where you’d like all your boxes to go. You should label specific boxes for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. However, you need to remember that you’re likely to have an array of stuff, like vases, ornament, picture, and plants, that you might not have decided on a location for. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to pick one of your living area spots, where miscellaneous boxes can be unloaded, and unpacked at a later date.

Maybe you have a spare room or a utility area that would be perfect for unpacking in during your next few weeks. Another thing that’s vital to remember is that you don’t have to unpack all in one day. If you have stuff out everywhere; things are likely to get broken, lost, and damaged, so be methodical in your approach.

Get Your Kit Together

It’s worth checking out some of the best toolkits and choosing one that will cover all your needs during the first few months (and more) of your time in your new place. However, put particular emphasis on the first couple of days. You might not be hanging up shelving, artwork, and photos yet, but having the right tools to hand will allow you clear out any old fittings from the previous owners straight away.

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You can get rid of broken and faulty cupboard doors, drawers, and replace handles, or perhaps certain fitted furniture needs to be destroyed and thrown away so that your own wardrobes and dressers can fit in. Give yourself the means to tackle these jobs in the first couple of days so that unpacking items and placing them around your new interior can go as smoothly as possible.

Moving Must-Haves Things You'll Need for Your First Home - Tool Set

Your First Night in Your First Home

You’ll need to make your first night as comfortable and cozy as possible so that you have plenty of energy left to tackle the rest of the unpacking and moving in process. You can start with your kitchen essentials box; this should have your coffee machine and mugs in, a set of cutlery and enough plates or dishes for everyone who’s moving in, and plenty of snacks (you can’t be productive if you’re hungry). Also, throw in a takeout menu or two so that you can have a hot meal on your first night.

There should be a box with a side or table lamp so that you don’t have to eat by candlelight, but the room isn’t too stark in the evening or uninviting. Blankets and throws could also be comforting if it’s going to take a while for your sofa to arrive or for your heating to get switched on. Make sure you have your laptop and phone chargers in the essentials box, and any medication, or items you can’t function without.

If you haven’t got a bed frame or you’re awaiting the delivery of a whole new bed to sleep on; make sure that you have a mattress unwrapped and ready to go. Your bedroom essential kit should include your fresh bedding; this will help you feel cozy and secure on your first night in the new place. Again; a lamp will light your bedside area and make it easier to travel to the bathroom in the middle of the night. You can utilize those cups from the kitchen essentials, or pack a glass per person so that you can remain hydrated throughout both the day and night.

If you have pets; set their beds up in the space you want them to remain in for the rest of their time in the house. It can take an animal a little while to get used to things, so consistency from the start will be helpful for everyone.

Pack a toiletries bag, enough fresh towels, and a few outfits that are easy to throw on for the next few days. Even though you’ll be doing a lot of moving and manual activities; you’ll want to feel clean and fresh throughout the process. Putting your basic needs of food, comfort, cleanliness, and warmth first when you pack your priority boxes and you’ll ensure that moving in can be seamless.

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You, and whoever you’re moving in with, will want to settle in and make the house a home as quickly as possible. However, it’s important that you’re patient and don’t rush any of the decisions or work that’s needed. Proper planning and preparation will always help to speed things up a little, so put the work and effort in now, before moving day arrives, and you’ll have everything you need for a successful move!

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