Moving On From A Difficult Past – It’s More Than Possible

Many things can hold us back in life. Finances, self-esteem issues, toxic social situations, and sometimes, pure habit. Of course, mistakes are part of that cocktail too, and they can leave us hanging back and stunt our progress more than we would care to admit. It can be a real shame, but that’s not to say that there’s no way out, nor that your current situation should also be your future situation.

That being said, sometimes to move forward, you need to close the previous or current chapter of your story. This can happen over time, but it can also happen through direct effort. People far and wide move to new cities, towns, and villages to achieve exactly this. Moving on from a difficult past is more than possible, but it will require an effort and care, and sometimes, time spent addressing the issues that caused your past to move in that particular way. Running away is rarely the best solution.

As far as this is considered, moving on from a difficult past can be helped in the following ways:

Legal Help

Finding the legal help you may need to counteract the issues of the past can be very freeing, and may even grant you a new perspective. For example, Pardon services helping you expunge old convictions from your record might help your employment or tenancy prospects, and a decade after the fact, this can help you have something relatively minor and deal with from affecting the way you live your life. Remember that legal services are not therapeutic services, and you’ll feel more confident using them in the correct context.

A New Location

We can often find that physical distance from our old haunts may help us build a new life. The place we live is often dripping with the memories we have made there, and if most of those memories are bad, starting anew in a location you are not familiar with or is a little ways away, can help you feel that new start is coming. You would be very surprised just how effective this process can be, and also the energy you feel when you start from that zero-sum social slate.

Starting From Scratch

Starting from scratch may just be the measure you need to influence your behavior in a positive light. A milestone can help. 2020 is on the way, and that might serve well for you. Don’t be afraid to start from the beginning. To move into a career you are a novice at, to make new friends, to get back into the gym step by step despite being overweight. Even if you run extremely slowly, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch. Starting from scratch does not show weakness, it shows a tremendous will of character. If you can ensure that you keep up your practice, you may just approximate a worthwhile venture going forward.

With this advice, you’ll move on from your difficult past with a clean, well-considered break. We hope you find the pursuit you most need.

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  1. These are great suggestions. My belief is also in God. If we accept Jesus as our Savior to can pray and ask for forgiveness of our sins. We then have to forgive ourselves and start new at that moment. It takes time a lot of prayer and reading the word. It is more than worth it. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  2. Moving on from a difficult past is hard but you can do it. Mostly stay busy and keep loved ones around you. My divorce was very difficult but I got through it pretty good, some counceling too.

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