My 13 Epic Tips for Creating a Wonderful Family Home

As you know, I am pretty house-proud. When you have a family, though, it can be difficult to create the look you want. If you feel as though your house doesn’t feel like a home, something is going wrong. The last thing you want is to come home after a hard day at work and feel that you’re living somewhere you dislike. There is plenty of stuff you can do to change the way you feel about your house, but you have to start somewhere.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about what it means to keep a beautiful family home. It’s not just a case of decorating your house and leaving it at that. No, there are some important things that will make a massive difference to how you feel about your home. Don’t believe me? Well, I promise you that it is true. If you follow my advice, your house will look incredible in no time at all. None of my tips should take you more than a day or so to complete. That means that, before you know it, your house will reflect the family life you love so much!

My 13 Epic Tips for Creating a Wonderful Family Home
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1. Keep Your House Beautifully Clean

This first tip is one that you must never ignore. I know that it is difficult when it comes to keeping things clean. When you have little children around the place, they are sure to create more than their fair share of mess. That is life. Despite this fact, you need to find some way of keeping on top of all the clutter and dirt. Read my seven tips for cheap household cleaning and see whether they help you at all. If you set aside an hour or two a week for these chores, you should find it is not so hard.

2. Ensure You Have Proper Storage

While we are on the subject of clutter, let’s take a moment to consider your storage options. When you have a family, it means that you have a lot of stuff as well. You need to make sure that you have enough storage to hold all your things. There are many creative storage ideas you might wish to try. You can store books under the stairs or get built-in wardrobes. These suggestions might be just what you need.

3. Revamp Your Bathroom Space

If your bathroom looks old-fashioned, it means that your house will look ancient. That is not what you want at all. Instead, you want a contemporary looking room with all the mod-cons you could ever need. One of the biggest trends now has to be shower cubicles. If you look at a selection of shower cubicles you will see why these things are so popular. They offer the privacy that every family needs as well as looking cute and chic. You might also want to change the tiles in your bathroom. A color, such as beige or white, will work well here. These neutral colors are less overpowering than dark shades, which make the room look tiny!

4. Look After Your Houseplants

Every home should have some houseplants. There are many benefits to having some greenery in your house. Unfortunately my green thumb is non-existent, so hubby is in charge of caring for our houseplants. For one thing, you will find that these little things tend to look beautiful. They also increase the oxygen levels in your home, which will help to keep everyone calm. The problem is, though, that when you neglect these plants, they can look awful. There is nothing worse than a dying plant in someone’s house (which is why hubby is in charge of ours!) Ensure that you practice proper houseplant care so that your plants look stunning.

5. Create a Place Where You Can Relax

As a mom, you know how difficult it can be to unwind and relax. When your family is demanding, you need somewhere that is just for you. If you have a spare room, why not create a hidden oasis? You can decorate the room in whatever way you want. Remember, this room is all about you. Ensure that there is a comfortable chair in the room as well as some form of entertainment. When everything gets too much for you, you can escape to this space and enjoy some time out. When you have to share your house with a lot of people, sometimes you need a space where you can chill out now and then.

6. Use Warm Colors Throughout Your Home

When you decorated your house, how much did you think about the color choice? If you want your home to look fantastic, you have to choose warm colors. This rule applies to every room, except the bathroom, where you can use neutral colors. When people walk into your home, it should be warm and inviting. One of the easiest ways to create that effect is to choose tones that are rich and stunning. For example, when it comes to your living room, I’d suggest that you use a dark orange or red color. These tones will make the room feel as though it is cozy and comfortable.

7. Create a Reading Corner (for you or your kids)

Reading should be an essential part of family life. If you want to make sure that your children take an interest in this pastime, you need to give them space to do so. In the modern world, there are so many gadgets and devices that it might be difficult to get your little ones to settle. Why not give them a place where they can rest and have some time out? You can get a beanbag online and create a corner in your home that is just for reading. You will also need a soft-light lamp and an array of excellent books!

8. Sort Out Your Photo Albums

When was the last time you sorted out your family photos? If you house doesn’t have any pictures of your loved ones in it, it will start to look like a show home. You need to get some of your best family snaps and put them around your home. You can get some cheap frames online and use them to start using them to make unique art pieces for your walls. When you start including these features in your home, it will begin to feel unique to you.

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9. Get Rid of Clutter

There is nothing worse than clutter when it comes to your home. The older I get, the more it seems to be a major irritant that everything is not in its assigned space. Of course, when you have little children running around, there is certain to be some mess about the place. If you want to keep on top of this clutter, you should give your kids a massive toy trunk they can use. Make sure that your little ones put their stuff in the box before they start doing something else. If you impose this rule on your kids, it will teach them to take care of the things they have. That in itself is a brilliant life lesson.

10. Add a Touch of Character

What makes a house a home? Think about it. What do you think will make your abode feel homely? If you want to feel comfortable there, you need to add a touch of character. That means that you shouldn’t shy away from ornaments, candles and the like. I know a lot of women try to avoid these things because they think that they look messy. That is not true at all. When you start including these items in your home, you will find that it looks great.

11. Make Your Living Room Cozy

How comfortable is your living room? If the furniture you have is chic and sophisticated, you might find that it doesn’t feel as comfortable as it would otherwise be. You need to make sure that you include cute elements, such as cushions and blankets. These little touches will mean that your living space is much cozier than it once was. After all, this is the room where you relax and enjoy your free time. If it is not inviting, you have a grave issue with your home decor.

12. Create a Communal Kitchen Area

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where you gather for breakfast in the morning and where you eat your dinner at night. That is why you need a communal kitchen space. Ensure that you get an island, where people can sit when they need to do so. That way, you all have a communal area where you can eat and relax when you want to do so. There is nothing better than an open plan kitchen space, which is why I recommend them. When it comes down to it, this area will look amazing!

13. Enjoy Your Home!

Finally, the most important thing you need to remember is that you should enjoy your home. Sometimes, it is just a case of changing your mindset and realizing what it is you have here. Don’t think of this area as a space. It is where you and your family live. It is your base. When you start to think positively about your house, it could make all the difference. Your family home should be a place of joy! Now, start enjoying it!

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