My Best Tips for Bright and Natural Interiors

I love using white for home interiors. It makes a room bright and open, and gives you a blank canvas for lots of accessories and fun features. When a room feels bright and natural, it is relaxing but also the perfect space to work in. I feel like there’s more space to think in a room that isn’t too cluttered with color. I might be a way off from owning my own home, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize about how I might create the perfect home when I can decorate a whole flat or house. Decorating in white isn’t the only way I would create bright and natural spaces.

Paint It White

Using white is obviously my top tip for a bright and airy space. My uni bedroom has a lot of white, which helps it look big and clean. So that it doesn’t look too white, I have lots of other things on display, including black items to create a monochrome look. Using different colors of paint and wallpaper is fun, but I often think that white walls are best. You can start with a simply, blank canvas, and then do anything you want with it. It also makes it easy to keep the walls clean and in good condition. If there’s a mark that won’t come off, you can just paint over it. White walls make a room look bigger and brighter, so even the smallest room can be improved.

paint it white

Let in Natural Light

I love a bit of natural light. We don’t always get enough of it in our home, so a sunny day is always enjoyable. During the winter especially, it can feel kind of miserable if your home is all dark and feels cramped. Lots of natural light, when you can get it, makes a space feel more open and airy. One of the best ways to get lots of natural light in is to use white and light colors for decorating. But you can also make sure that your windows are clear of clutter, and mirrors are also great for reflecting any natural light.

Connect to the Outdoors

Connecting to the outdoors is a brilliant way to make any space feel more natural and welcoming. Having bright and open windows is one way to do it, and I think sliding doors in glass also work really well. You can open up a space so there’s almost no barrier between indoors and outdoors. And when it’s too cold to have the door open, you still have a great view. Of course, not everyone can have French doors to gaze out of. You could also connect a space to the outdoors by bringing in design elements that evoke images of nature. You can hang framed photos or paintings, or just use decorative motifs with natural elements.

Bring in Plants

I love having flowers around because they always make any room feel brighter, happier and more sophisticated. White flowers, of course! As well as having fresh-cut flowers (or artificial ones), you can also have potted plants indoors. Anything from orchids to cacti and succulents can enhance your interior design. A lot of plants are easy to look after too, which is lucky for people who aren’t very green-fingered. They come in all different sizes, so you can put them in big pots on the floor or various surfaces, and even have them in hanging baskets.

bring in plants

Add a Bit of Warmth with Varying Colors

While I love white, I know that it can make a room look and feel cold if you use too much of it. You need to have some slightly warmer colors to balance it out a bit. One of the things I do in my room is have faux-fur throws that have a soft grey color. They look warm, and they feel super warm too. Some brighter colors can work too, whether you love blue or you can’t resist a buttercup yellow. You can make a space look bright and bring in some of the colors of nature without having too much color. Sticking to accent colors is a good idea, especially in a small room where too many bright colors could be overwhelming.


Another way to add some natural elements to an interior space is to use wood. It’s one of the most common natural elements we use for furniture and other interior items, and there are lots of ways to make it look good. While it can be painted white or lots of different other colors, wood left with its natural color or with a natural stain on it is a great choice for creating a brighter room. Lighter shades of wood are often best if you don’t want to make a space look too dark. Also, you can combine natural wood with other colors. For example, a stool could have legs with a natural wooden grain but a white seat.

other natural materials

Other Natural Materials

There are also other natural materials that can help to connect an indoor space to natural. Things like wicker and rattan also give you ways to get nature into your home if you don’t want to use too much wood. Sometimes these things can seem a bit old-fashioned or too traditional, but you can make them look contemporary too. There are lots of more modern designs that might look stylish in your home or even vintage pieces that are on trend.

Avoid Too Much Clutter

I like to decorate thoughtfully and avoid having things lying about just for the sake of it. Less clutter in a room makes it look bigger, and it helps you to stay neat and organized too. If you want to avoid having too much stuff, the right storage will mean you don’t have to get rid of half of your things and become a minimalist. Just store the things that don’t need to be on display.

I love bright and open spaces, and I’ll always love using plenty of white in interior design. I can’t wait to have more space to work my magic on.

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