My CafePress is Here!

I cannot even begin to describe how giddy I am at the moment. There’s just something about having a tangible item you can hold and feel that has your name on it to give you validation. I ordered a coffee mug and a messenger bag from +CafePress along with a beautiful gift for my sister and a t-shirt for Jonathan.

Design your own products at!

I am completely and totally thrilled with everything that I received today! The quality of each product is great, and I absolutely love having a mug and a messenger bag with my Life in a House of Testosterone logo on them! Here are the items from my order:

In addition, I have a LiaH clock on order as well!!!

I have had so much fun creating at CafePress – that I’ve decided to open up a shop there! So stay tuned for more great LiaH products!

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