#MyFestiveHome – Our Spare Bedroom Makeover Plans

As we mentioned earlier this month, we recently moved from our apartment to a large 3-bedroom home in the suburbs. Since our eldest son has moved out, we have a spare bedroom that we are all fighting over. My husband wants to turn it into a man cave room (although there is not enough room to cram everything he wants to in there), my youngest son wants to convert the room to a music studio. Which would not be a bad idea if it wasn’t directly connected to our bedroom. Without adequate soundproofing in the room, there is no way that my husband and I would be able to tolerate a music studio right next to our heads.

So alternatively, and most wisely, the best thing to be done here is to convert the room to a guest bedroom. So when our eldest does come back to visit he still has a bedroom to sleep in, or if out-of-town guests pop in for a weekend, there is room for them as well.

Consider the Size of Your Room

This is the smallest bedroom in the house. I don’t have the exact measurements (somehow my tape measure went missing from my pink tool kit) but there is currently a large wooden desk in there and a rolling storage chest that is doubling as a tv stand at the moment. If we were to fit a bed in there as well there would be no room to walk. So definitely need to work on the furnishings placement and having items do double-duty as to their respective jobs.


I fell in love with this twin size canopy bed from Walmart. The current price includes the nightstand, bed frame, vanity and bench. If we removed everything else from the room, this would all fit nicely. However, knowing my son, he would definitely want his television in his room, so we would have to switch out the vanity and the bench with the rolling storage chest. The storage chest is used to house my seasonal decorations, which is a great use of the chest since I only need to move the television a few times a year.

Another alternative would be to place a futon in this room – which I honestly think would be a better solution. I really love this particular look because the small amount of space the futon would occupy still leaves space for the storage chest/television stand as well as the desk which can double as a nightstand.

small guest room ideas

To dress up the futon during the day we would add some colorful throw pillows from Julian Charles to coordinate with the beautiful Georgian Revival Blue that the walls are painted. I found some truly gorgeous pillows at Julian Charles, now I just need to narrow down my selections!

SW7609 – Sherwin Williams Georgian Revival Blue

Tie It Together With Accessories

Add some additional touches such as a comfortable throw to keep warm, two sets of window treatments in a lighter color to make the room appear a bit larger, a reading lamp and a few small plants to the room and our guest bedroom should be complete!

I will be updating the post as I find additional items that we purchase for the spare bedroom makeover so stay tuned!

#MyFestiveHome Projects

I will be showcasing several makeover projects for our new home coming up in 2019, so stay tuned to Life in a House for more great ideas and follow us on social media for all the latest.

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