Myths Surrounding Alternative Therapies, Herbal Remedies, and Natural Medicines Dispelled

Alternative therapies, herbal remedies, and natural medicines are all the rage right now as more and more people move away from traditional medicine that contains drugs and has tons of side effects. 

While these therapies work for many, anything that is different is going to give rise to detractors and myths. Questions such as “Can CBD oil get you high?” and “does natural mean it can’t hurt you?” have different answers no matter where you read online. That’s why in this blog you can find a few myths that need to be dispelled, so you can make an informed decision on whether these forms of treatment are indeed the best choice for you. 

Myth: CBD Oil Can Get You High 

One of the biggest myths about CBD oil is that it can get you high. In reality, it doesn’t have the same effect as smoking marijuana does. It’s completely different and meant to help with pain relief, anxiety, and depression instead.

Myth: If it’s Natural it has to be Safe 

One of the most dangerous myths out there is that, if the medicine is all-natural, then there’s no way it can hurt you and has to be safe. Not true. It’s important to note that, with so many poisonous plants, flowers, and herbs out there, you have to be very careful what type of natural product you take.

Even the best natural products you take can cause liver and kidney failure in some people, so you have to be careful. If you’re in doubt about a product you’re taking, it’s best to consult someone about it first, just to be safe. 

Myth: It’s Always Okay to Take Natural Medicines Along with Traditional Medicines 

This myth is also a dangerous one. The concerns over traditional medicine, modern medicine, and alternative medicines are real. While each of them has its place in the world of health, sometimes it’s best not to mix the three. Many natural products can adversely affect the way that any prescription medicine you’re taking works and could even be dangerous if you’re not careful. If you want to try natural medicines and are on modern meds as well, it’s best to contact your primary health care provider to determine which natural remedies are best for your condition.

Myth: Natural and Alternative Treatments Have No Place in Conventional Medicine 

These products and treatments are often thought to have very little to do with conventional medicine and aren’t supported by science. It’s important to note that many conventional medicines are derived from nature and are FDA approved. Alternative treatments and natural remedies have been around for centuries and were used effectively long before science invented conventional medicine. 

Myth: You Don’t Need to Discuss Natural Therapies with Your Doctor 

This myth is one that needs to be dispelled quickly because your doctor needs to know every medicine and therapy you are on, even the natural ones. It’s important to discuss what you intend to try with your doctor before you start a new regime. Some natural products have blood thinners in them, which means taking one could do you more harm than good. 

Just because it is an approved natural therapy or alternative treatment doesn’t mean it’s safe or tailored to meet your needs. It never hurts to ask your doctor what they think first.

These are just a few of the myths about alternative and natural treatments that need to be dispelled as soon as possible. Some have been circulating for years and are harmless, others can be dangerous if believed. Doing your research and speaking to your doctor can help you integrate your natural therapies and conventional medicines safely and effectively instead. 

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