Naked Chocolate Fudge Protein Bars and Naked Shake Hot Chocolate Review

Time to Start Thinking About Those Health-Related Resolutions

In August 2019 I got the scare of my life. I got on the scale and it read 304.2 pounds. In all my 50+ years on this earth, I have never weighed over 285 pounds, even when pregnant with my three children. So I started walking and riding my new bike (a Huffy Nel Lusso Classic Cruiser – but you can get it much cheaper at Walmart!). Within 6 months I had dropped almost 50 pounds, then the coronavirus hit hard and we were all sheltering in place. Over the past year I’ve put 30 pounds back on.

So my resolution for the new year, cliche as it may seem, is to start walking and riding my back again at least 4 times per week. That includes going back on my modified keto plan which, for me, is cutting out bread, pasta, and sugar (my weaknesses) and filling up on proteins instead.

This is where Naked Nutrition comes into play. I don’t always have time to eat (or make) a protein-packed breakfast or lunch so I need something that I can grab and go when I don’t want to have a hard-boiled egg, AGAIN. I received a box of Naked Chocolate Protein Bars to try out and give you my honest thoughts on them.

NAKED Chocolate Fudge Protein Bars - High Protein Snacks NAKED Chocolate Fudge Protein Bars - High Protein Snacks

Chocolate Fudge Naked Bar starts with premium grass-fed whey protein, and we add other natural ingredients like almond butter, cocoa powder, and monk fruit juice. Satisfy your chocolate cravings without compromising on the quality of nutrition. Each bar contains 15g of protein, only 8g of sugar, and only 180 calories. 

  • Tastes great when warmed in the microwave for 10-15 seconds
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Soy Free
  • 15g of protein
  • 11g of fiber
  • Prevents cravings for junk foods
  • Has a slight aftertaste when eaten straight from the wrapper
  • Not Keto-Friendly
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The consistency of the bars is great – it actually looks as though you are eating a piece of fudge! When you eat it straight from the wrapper, it has a slight aftertaste to me – which is probably due to the whey protein – not something I am accustomed to consuming. It isn’t a bad taste, just unusual, for me. However, I warmed one up in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds and it was delicious!

The only other issue I had with the bars is the number of carbohydrates – 23 grams – which is high for me. I try to keep my carbohydrates at just 20 grams PER DAY, not per serving … but as I said, that’s just me.

Final Thoughts

At approximately $2.50 per bar, these protein bars (also available in Peanut Butter Crunch) are quality nutrition you can have anytime, anywhere. Being able to consistently hit your goals is one of the biggest challenges when dieting and being able to toss these in your purse or gym bag so you can have them whenever you need to keep your energy levels up is a definite plus! Each Chocolate Fudge bar contains 15g of protein and 11g of fiber – 39% of your daily need – which is fantastic. Both the protein and the fiber will keep you full and prevent those cravings for junk foods!

This is a seasonal item and once it is gone it is gone so grab it now! I also received this Hot Cocoa Flavored Naked Shake to try and I have to tell you – THIS WAS GOOD! I’m a bit of an odd duck in that I love to put hot cocoa in my coffee in the morning. It just gives it an extra richness and satisfies that chocolate craving at times. I tried the Naked Shake two different ways – in my coffee and in a glass of milk.

I used just a tablespoon of the powder in my coffee this morning and it was delicious! Just the right amount for me, even though the directions say to add two scoops to 6-12 ounces of your favorite beverage. I did add 2 scoops to a 12-ounce glass of milk and used my immersion blender to whip it up. That was equally as good – but if I had to pick which I liked best, it would be in my coffee! Here are suggestions on how to use it from the website:

  • When: Add our flavored protein shake powder to simple shakes and smoothies. Best used in the morning, before or after a workout, or when you’re on the go.
  • Blend: Mix two scoops into 6-12oz of milk, water or your favorite beverage. While delicious on its own, you can add other flavorful ingredients to enhance the taste.
  • Pair With: Use alongside Naked Greens for improved gut health, to promote toxin detox, and to aid immune function.
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Visit the Naked Nutrition Website and connect with them on social media

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When you visit their website be sure to check out the other products offered:

  • protein powders
  • vegan protein powders
  • protein cookies (COOKIES!)
  • sports nutrition
  • dietary supplements

The next item I am going to try will be the keto fat bomb supplement which comes in three flavors – unflavored, chocolate, and vanilla!

If you’re thinking of putting your health first and foremost on your New Year resolutions, I highly suggest you check out the products from Naked Nutrition.

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