National Educational Support Professionals Day

Did you know that today was National Educational Support Professionals Day? ESP Day started back in 1987 from a mandate of the delegates to the 1987 National Education Association Representative Assembly calling for a special day during the American Education Week to honor the contributions of school support employees. Local associations and school districts salute support staff on this annual observance.

National Educational Support Professionals Day

Who are Educational Support Professionals?

Educational Support Professionals (ESPs) are the first and last school employees to see students in the school community. They encompass a variety of careers that all work towards ensuring a student’s success and touching the lives of every one of them.

These individuals work tirelessly – and almost always with a smile (everyone has an off day now and again) – to make your child’s school experience productive and outstanding. Just a few of the ESPs that should be honored today are people such as:

  • Paraprofessional Aides
  • Mentors
  • Special Education Teachers and Helpers
  • Speech/Language Teachers
  • Therapists
  • Secretaries
  • Administrators
  • Custodial Staff
  • Food Services Staff

Let’s face it – schools simply could not function without all of these dedicated people.

We sent an e-card to all the ESPs at our local high school and middle school this year with the help of Punchbowl. They have some really beautiful e-cards that you can send for free or for a small fee. If you don’t know the email addresses of your ESPs, you can honor them by dropping off an afternoon snack, a gift basket filled with treats, let your imagination run wild!

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