Need a Celebration? Here Are Some Alternative Holidays That Are Happening Now!

The last few months have been challenging for everybody. Now that summer is here and the days are warm, sunny, and long, there is no reason why you should not celebrate for having made it through. Whether you can celebrate a shift in your career, a new addition to your family, or just good news, there are some alternative holidays that you can use as inspiration to have a celebration. And don’t forget that a national or international holiday calls for a themed party! Here are some ideas for your upcoming gathering. 

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is one of the most exceptional holidays of the summer season. The spirit is the same as Christmas, and the potential for presents and family love is just as high. It also happens to be my favorite and I kick-off my holiday season with Christmas shows this month! Gotta love the Hallmark Channel for feeding my Christmas fetish!

While this holiday might not be as widespread as December Christmas, it can still be as magical. In Australia, this “winter Christmas” has become almost as famous as the original one, and it has become a reason to indulge in coziness and sweets. If you have been craving more family love and closeness to others during this challenging period, there has never been a better holiday than this one!

Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is a pagan holiday that has been celebrated in different ways depending on the local culture. At the core of the summer solstice celebration is the love for nature, health, wellbeing, and prosperity. Depending on where you are during this celebration, you might experience dances, concerts, live music events, and reenactments.

In Ireland, for example, the summer solstice holiday is just as important as the famous St. Patrick Day. During this unique and particular time of the year, you can experience events and festivals that are unique and take you right at the heart of the culture of the country.

National Girlfriend Day

If you have spent the quarantine and lockdown with your other half, it is reasonable to have experienced unhappy moments. Especially if you could not leave the flat or house for months and you had to cope with feelings of uncertainty, the relationship might have taken a hit from it. In this case, there is no better holiday than National Girlfriend Day

This is that time of the year, during which you can show your other half how much respect and appreciation you have for them. There is nothing better than a romantic dinner at home to break the routine and rediscover the pleasure of spending time with your husband, girlfriend, or partner!

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Start Your Own Celebration

If you have not found a celebration during summer that suits your needs, feelings, or preferences, then start your own tradition! No need for themed parties or investing in costumes. You can invite your partner, closest friends, and family members over for an intimate BBQ party. Of course, games, music, and drinks are a must. Just make sure you are creating a safe environment for everybody when inviting others over. 

Bottom Line

Dealing with all the stress and negative feelings of the last months has not been easy for anybody. However, there is no need to give in to such feelings and surrender to the fact that this is a period of isolation and sadness. Make the most out of it with a virtual party or intimate gathering in your garden!

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