Need a Cooling Mattress? Find Out How to Choose a Good One

According to National Sleep Foundation, the ideal temperature to achieve the best sleep is anywhere between 60 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit. This, of course, is not easy to accomplish.

The good news is that through innovations, manufacturers are now using different technologies that will not only facilitate better airflow in their products, but more importantly, showcase features that will help you to have a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

If you are one of those whose sleep is always interrupted when the temperature becomes too hot, then you need to get a cooling mattress. If you are not familiar with it, just continue reading because we will be sharing with you the most important things you need to know about it.

Need a Cooling Mattress Find Out How to Choose a Good One

What Material Is Used for the Mattress?

If shopping for a cooling mattress, one important determining factor if it will be effective is the material used for it. Always bear in mind that some materials are naturally more breathable than the others. Some brands have effective cooling effect while others may not be good in that department. It all comes down to the type of material used.

Does It Promote Air Circulation?

As a rule, pick a mattress that can best promote air circulation. A simple trick is to ask for a sample of the foam used for the mattress. All you need to do is to blow through it to check. If you can easily blow through the foam, then it is a great choice.

It is an important thing to remember that various brands may implement different cooling technologies. To help you with your choice, you need to assess a product’s heat transfer capability.

If you are planning to go the more traditional way, you may opt for a coil spring type cooling mattress. Since this type usually has more than one layer of spring coils, they can give your body great comfort and support. Aside from the cooling effect it can also give great bounce.

The foam mattress is very popular. Some of the most common types include gel foam, latex rubber, polyurethane and memory. And while these are known to be durable, not all of them are ideal cooling mattresses. The best thing you can get is either the gel foam or the latex type which has air holes to keep you cooler.

Do You Want Bounce and Cooling Properties?

If you want a mattress that can provide great bounce as well as cooling properties, you should also check out the hybrid type. This is a combination of a couple of materials such as latex, memory foam and coils. They can also provide pressure relief.

Memory Foam Has Come a Long Way, Baby

Memory foam is another one of the top options that you need to consider. And while it initially had bad reputation among users, this is not the case anymore. Memory foam has come a long way. Because of more innovations, they are now known to have superior cooling properties. It is even preferred by more people nowadays.

Cooling Pads or Toppers

If the cooling mattress is not enough, you can opt for a cooling pad or also known as toppers. Just like the mattress, toppers are readily available even online. Just do your research and check out reviews on what brands are the best in quality and durability. Another good thing to remember is that they are usually hypoallergenic, but it is still best to ask just to be sure.

Still on toppers, you may also want to look into brands that use bamboo. This material is well-liked because it is not just lightweight; it is also great in allowing air to pass through it. More often than not, the bamboo material is combined with microfiber to achieve the best comfort level. Because of this, you are assured that you will have a mattress that is both cool and soft.

It is never easy to have a great sleep if you are bothered by the sweat tricking off you because of the hot temperature. And as we have established earlier, a comfortable temperature is crucial for you to have the opportunity to reenergize the body.  Fortunately, with the help of a cooling mattress, you can now say goodbye to night sweats and hot flashes while in bed.

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