Netflix: Leading the Modern Age Entertainment World

Netflix is an American based multinational entertainment company specializing in providing streaming media and on demand video online as well as DVD. Netflix added a new dimension to the entertainment world. Netflix is also engaged in film and television production as well with their headquarters in California.

What can you watch on Netflix?

Netflix literally has something for everyone. With a library of over 2200 movies and TV shows available to watch at any time. Viewers in the United States can view up to 5500 titles. Most of the movies and television shows are produced by international media companies, but some are produced by Netflix itself, some hit favorites are:

  • Orange Is The New Black
  • Hemlock Grove
  • House of Cards

These series originally aired on Netflix Networks and distribution was in the hands of Netflix as well. Every month there is some new series or movie that is top-rated or most liked or most demanded on Netflix that you can see in the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, when a new addition hits Netflix there is usually something that leaves the collection as well.

How Netflix works?                

Setting up your Netflix account is super simple. Just login and choose your subscription package. You can choose a single device package or multiple devices, depending on the type of package you choose. If you have multiple devices, you can set the resolution and sound quality so that it is the same on all of your devices for the Netflix library.

1 Screen Plan = allows you to watch on 1 screen at any time in standard definition and download videos on 1 phone or tablet for $7.99 per month.

2 Screen Plan + HD = allows you to watch on 2 screens at a time, HD available, download videos on 2 phones or tablets for $9.99 per month.

4 Screen Plan + HD = allows you to watch on 4 screens at a time, HD and Ultra HD available, download videos on 4 phones or tablets for $11.99 per month.

You can use your Netflix account on your PC, your smartphone, and your tablet. Some cable services have recently begun to include Netflix as part of their programming package due to its popularity. To view Netflix on your television, you need a digital media player on board like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or Google Chromecast.

Another popular method to access your Netflix subscription is with modern gaming consoles such as Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 3 or Nintendo Wii, and some Blu-Ray players have access built in if you use connection cables to your satellite TV or cable modem.

Setting Up Your Profile

Once you set up your profile, it’s time to start picking your favorite titles or go through the suggestions given by Netflix. You can browser for movies and TV shows in a variety of ways, or you can watch what is currently popular or you can narrow down your search to genres, or even who stars in a particular movie. 

Set your preferences and tastes and Netflix will feed you movies and television shows according to your favorites. Using the Netflix player you can browse through the timeline of a movie or TV show. You can stop the video, skip a particular part, or even skip between different episodes of the same television show. A personal favorite feature of mine is the ability to set the audio and video quality (meaning low definition or high definition) and you can turn on subtitles as well – which I love. 

Want to share what you’re watching? You can let your friends on social media know what you’re watching right from Netflix. 

Like the old-fashion way, watching DVDs? You can use Netflix service at which allows users to rent DVD and Blu-Ray disks. You can rent 3 titles at once from and you can watch them for a defined period and then return them, easy as pie!

Netflix in a Nutshell

So if you’re in the market for an alternative to cable, consider signing up for a Netflix subscription. Watch movies and your favorite shows as much as you want, whenever you want, where ever you want. Netflix is a streaming service so you should have an internet connection when watching. 


We love our Netflix subscription and use it almost daily. How about you? What’s your favorite show or movie on Netflix? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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