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Disclosure: I received the Liquorice tote bag and iPad pouch from Bagabook to facilitate my review. All opinions, however, are 100% my own!

If you remember, this summer during our Summertime Fun Giveaway, we gave away a winner’s choice of either a classic or executive style Bagabook to each of our three winners. So I was absolutely thrilled when they asked me if I would like to review an item from their three new collections – the Bouquet Collection, the Liquorice Collection, and the Candy Stripe Collection. The only problem was – which one to choose? I love all three of them … the beautiful vibrant colors and all the matching accessories! Each collection has the following:

  • Book cover
  • Tote bag
  • iPad pouch
  • Scarf

Check out each of these beauties below!

Bouquet CollectionLiquorice CollectionCandy Stripe collection

I usually have your generic, run-of-the-mill handbag that I use all year until it falls apart and then I hit the store and look for another one that is on sale and costs less than an arm and a leg. This past Christmas, a friend of mine gave me a Coach handbag for Christmas (something I have wanted for years) and I threw each one of my other purses out (except for the one my daughter had given to me) and used that exclusively. To give you an idea of how much I love my Liquorice Tote from Bagabook – the minute it arrived and I saw how big and roomy it was, the Coach was put in the closet and I’ve been using my new bag for about a week now. Not one ounce of remorse whatsoever for giving up the Coach. I’ll use it for special occasions (maybe!) but the Bagabook tote is exceptional in meeting all of my needs!

Women Need ROOM In Their Handbags!

For instance, are you one of those women who likes everything to have its own ‘space’ in your purse – maybe the type that has a purse organizer or several little makeup bags that do duty as a pen case, makeup case, miscellaneous items? That would be me as well – and my Liquorice tote can handle all that and so much more! Just look – this is everything that I usually have crammed into a purse (with a majority of it falling out of my purse because it’s just too much for a ‘regular’ purse to handle):

What this Bloggy Mom Crams In Her Purse

To give you a breakdown, here is a list of everything I usually have crammed into a purse:

  • Daytimer (can’t live without it!)
  • Case of pens and highlighters
  • Makeup case
  • Gum
  • Business Cards
  • Brush, Extra Reading Glasses, Sunglasses, Straws, Extra Smokes (don’t judge), Lighter
  • iPad/Tablet
  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Wallet

With my Coach, there was no room for the Daytimer, no room for the tablet, and usually no room for the phone. I am able to put ALL of that in my Bagabook tote – and then some!

Everything Fits in a Bagabook Tote!

To say that I am unequivocally in LOVE with my Bagabook tote would be a gross understatement. I seriously love it that much. Here’s the skinny on this roomy tote:

  • Double handles with 23 cm (9″) drop lengths.
  • Centre Stud closure.
  • Inside features a mobile/cell phone pocket, two multi-purpose slide pockets, one with zip.
  • Colour coordinated Lining.
  • Black Faux leather base.
  • Measures: 40 cm (15.5″) L x 41 cm (16″) W x 16 cm (6.25″) depth.

The Double-Duty iPad Pouch

I absolutely love the Liquorice iPad pouch as well that I received to review. While I do not have an iPad, I do have an Acer tablet that fits in the pouch. Some details on the pouch: 

  • Flap with front stud fastening.
  • Colour coordinated Lining.
  • Fits iPad, Tablet and Kindle.
  • Measures: 25 cm (9.5″) L x 18.5 cm (7.25″) W and the mini pouch measures 21 cm (8.25″) L x 14 cm (5.5″) W.

Want to know what I love about the pouch though? (This is an especially helpful tip for moms with small children) The iPad pouch is roomy enough to put a small journal in, a little crossword puzzle book, even several small toys that will keep your child occupied at the doctor’s office while you wait will fit! I actually have a book I am currently reading and my little journal book for notes and ideas in mine at the moment (simply because the boys usually have my tablet for something or other) and I don’t normally carry it around with me unless I’m going to a school meeting or to an appointment where I know I’ll be waiting for a bit.

You Can Fit a Book and a Small Journal in the iPad Pouch from Bagabook

I could think of a million and one things to use the iPad pouch for – all those little things we women carry around (personal hygiene items, snacks, extra glasses, business cards, postcards, stamps, thank you cards, mailing labels…). The possibilities are endless!

Quite frankly, the construction on both of these items is top quality, and I am sure that the scarf and the book covers are as equally fabulous.

So Where Can I Get Mine?

I’m glad you asked! You can check out each of these collection items, as well as the other fine products from Bagabook on their website. In addition, EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR LIFE IN A HOUSE OF TESTOSTERONE READERS, the fine folks at Bagabook are offering 20% off your minimum order of $18.95 with discount code LHT20.


Be sure to stop by and visit the fine folks at Bagabook on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ and tell them what your favorite collection is!

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