Next Stop: A Family-Friendly Bathroom

You might think your kitchen is the busiest room in the home or even your living room, but that top spot on the podium actually goes to your bathroom. That’s the space that gets the most use from everyone. It’s the room everyone fights for first thing in the morning and the place everyone finishes the day.

Why are we telling you this? Because you need to make sure this most-busy of spaces functions for everyone in your family – big and small, old and young. You need to make sure it is that oasis of calm everyone wants it to be and not that place of chaos and clutter.

So, to help you out, we’ve pulled together our top tips on how to make your bathroom family friendly:

1. Hooks At Every Height

Nothing is worse than having to sweep up wet towels from the bathroom floor. Nothing. Our advice: hang hooks on the wall at every height so that each person in your tribe can reach one and thus pop their towel up when they’re done. Sure, the younger ones will still try their luck, but they won’t have the same excuse anymore.

2. Levers Work Lovely

Your little ones aren’t going to get on as well with traditional taps and you and the other bigs. They just aren’t. They’ll try and find the perfect mix of hot and cold, but they’ll fail nine times out of ten and end up a) burning themselves or b) catching hyperthermia. The answer: swap your taps for a lever. That way they will find them easier to use and be encouraged to wash their hands more regularly.

3. Clean It Carefully

You can’t have a family-friendly bathroom without cleaning it regularly, and that means getting your hands dirty and taking no chances. Scrubbing the edges of your bath and shower, polishing the metal accessories, taking off the loo seat to do that bit around the hinges and calling in a mold company to make sure the nasties are dealt with in an eco-friendly way. There is no point taking risks, so get into the habit of doing a deep clean once a week or so.

4. Set Up A Step Up

Most basin and sink units are not child-friendly, as in they aren’t at the right height. That’s why you should get a couple of steps to help them reach that all-important bathroom unit. They could be a set of sturdy wooden steps, or a plastic box from Ikea, or something that doubles up as toy storage. So long as you have something to make the reach easier, you’ll be making your bathroom more family-friendly.

5. Toys Become Art

Don’t ask us when we grow out of bath toys because it makes us sad. Nonetheless, adults find they get in the way while children find them the greatest accessory ever invented. The question is finding the balance. Well, why not make these waterproofs a piece of art by lining them up on the windowsill or popping them on a string bag with suckers. Anything that makes them a feature.

With those five tips, anyone can turn their bathroom into a more family-friendly location.

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  1. I love the tips about the multiple hooks and including the toys to make the children feel like the bathroom is also their own. I would also add using as many non slip materials as possible, such as matte tile instead of the glossy version.

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