Night-time Routines Can Be Customized, Why Isn’t Yours?

We all have the same morning routine. We get up, go downstairs to make and eat breakfast. We come back up to take a quick shower and brush our teeth. But what about your night-time routine? Most people have a unique night time routine because it’s more designed to help us maintain our health, rather than get ready for work. Here are some things you need to consider putting into yours.

Elbows, knees and toes

Our joints have a tough job to keep us moving and remain healthy. But what about the skin at the knees, elbows, and toes? The extra skin in these areas is often folded on top of itself. Consequently, it can become very dry. So as part of your night-time routine, add some moisturizing cream to your knees. On the back and front of your knees, put a fingertips or two’s worth of cream and rub it in with circular motions. Do the same for your toes and elbows, each night before you go to bed. Since the cream can be sticky, try to let it absorb into your skin half an hour before.

Scrub and serum

After a whole day, your skin will have a swathe of debris and dirt, mixed in with natural oils, sitting on the surface. Your face especially will be oily and covered in bacteria. Before you place your face on your pillow, which will only smear it on your face, scrub your face with an anti-spot product. The coarse scrub will lift any hovels of bacteria in your pores and wipe away the stuff that will create spots and acne on your skin if left alone. But since at least one side of your face will be buried in a pillow, you don’t want the oils to smear on your face. Using a serum will prevent your pores from releasing too much oil as you sleep. It will also refresh your skin and hydrate it without making it slippery.

Cleaning your equipment

For those that have glasses, you should clean your glasses with a lens spray. It has a slight alcohol mix that will wipe away any stains and make the lenses sharp, ready for the morning. Those with needs for hearing aid maintenance, learn to clean your model with fine tools like a toothbrush, specific hearing aid tools, and mini screwdrivers. Using wet wipes, clean any earwax that might have stuck to the bits that go inside your ear. If you wear a brace of some kind, be it for your knee or neck, you should also wipe it down. The sweat can build up over the day and make the brace hold water, thus become more flexible and less able to perform its intended purpose.

Remember to stretch

Just before you get into your warm bed, stretch your major body parts. This includes your legs, arms, back, and abs. With greater blood flow, you will get better sleep and your body will heal quicker. 

A night-time routine is unlike a morning routine in that you get to customize it. Since you’re not short of time, you should be using the opportunity to moisturize your dry bits and clean things like glasses and hearing aids. 

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