Nine Embarrassing Conditions that Can Kill Your Relationship

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to hold on to a relationship? If you have been trying to meet the special someone and haven’t been able to hang onto that relationship – you might need to check yourself and look for underlying reasons. It might be time to change your behavior or improve your health, or both.

There are some embarrassing conditions that can make you almost undateable that need addressing now. From being self-conscious over your uneven teeth to constant body odor, there are several things you can look out for to find out why you are not able to fully open up and be yourself around people you meet. Below you can read about nine embarrassing conditions that can prevent you from having a healthy relationship.

Bad Digestion

Once you get close to someone, and share meals as well as a bed, you might be embarrassed by having too much gas, or having a slow digestion. People who have a bad digestive system often have bad breath, and this can make them extremely self-conscious. You might be feeling bloated most of the time, or need to spend hours on the toilet, which is not great on a date. You should go and see the doctor about this condition, to make sure you feel comfortable around other people. Bad digestion can also cause irritability, and you will get moody more often, which can kill your relationships at an early stage.

Unhealthy Body Image

If you are constantly checking the mirror or keep on talking about how fat you are, or how big your nose is, you will come across as an obsessed person. People you date are aware of how you look like and are ready to accept you. However, if you keep on reminding them how much weight you want to lose, or how many plastic surgeries you are planning to have in the next few years, you will appear unstable and they will run as fast as they can.

Uneven or Stained Teeth

If you are unable to smile and laugh without holding your hand over your mouth, you can never be yourself around other people. Unhealthy teeth can also cause bad breath, and you might have to change your oral hygiene routine. Make sure that you can behave naturally, and look out for the signs of hiding something that you don’t want others to notice. If you have uneven or stained teeth, it is easy to solve the problem. Simply visit your hygienist and talk to them about the potential solutions. It might be easier to fix than you think and you can smile freely again.


Warts can be in visible, or private places, and you might be worried about people noticing them. Doctors can treat and surgically remove warts and help you live your life to the fullest. If you worry about genital warts, you should get in touch with a specialist to find out whether there is an infection or a virus that needs to be treated with antibiotics. You cannot start a healthy relationship in fear, therefore, it is important that you solve the problem before you start dating.


It is easy to treat acne on the face when you are a teenager, but if it affects your entire body, it can be even more embarrassing. Make sure that you get help from a dermatologist. If you are worried about the unsightly spots on your back and shoulders, you need to get a steroid treatment prescribed by your doctor, or a special cream that will help your body deal with the excess bacteria. This way, you will no longer need to be ashamed when you remove your clothes or go to the beach with a date.


This easy to treat condition is one of the most embarrassing for men and women. The darker your hair is, the more visible the dandruff will be. There are special shampoo and treatment you can get to get rid of dandruff for good. There is nothing worse than going out to the theatre in a black suit or dress and having white powder all over it due to dandruff. Sometimes, it only takes a few weeks to get rid of the condition and look your best in every outfit.

Excessive Sweating

Some people sweat much more than others. This condition is due to the unhealthy water retaining system in the body, and is easy to treat. Excessive sweating can cause body odor, which can be embarrassing when you are trying to get close to someone. If you constantly worry about how you smell and keep on covering up the smell with deodorant and perfume, it might be time to talk to a specialist who can help you control the sweating.


Skin conditions are almost never sexy. If your hand and feet, as well as other parts of your body are covered in red patches, your prospective partner might feel uncomfortable around you. More importantly, you will not feel confident, and feel like you are less than perfect all the time. This will take its toll on the relationship. Try to talk to a specialist, and if it is not possible to get rid of inflammations, be open with your prospective partner. It is always better to come clean than trying to hide your condition.

Smelly Feet

If your feet sweat more than other people’s, you might be suffering from bacterial or fungal infections. Talk to a doctor and find out how you can keep your feet clean and healthy. Look through your options and make an informed decision. Antifungal treatments featured at can work, including antibacterial cream or even medicated talcum powder. You want to take off your shoes around your loved ones with confidence, instead of heading to the shower beforehand. 

Whenever you feel uncomfortable about people and embarrassed about your condition, you cannot be yourself. Make sure you seek professional treatment and allow yourself to open up in front of others. If you start a relationship hiding something, you have little or no chance of building a long lasting trusting partnership.

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