No Place Like Home: Safety Updates for Every Senior Citizen’s Living Space

There’s no place like home. At least, when you’re young that’s the way it is. When you get older, sometimes you just wish you could hire someone to take care of everything for you. At the same time, you can’t afford to do that and yet you don’t want to move out and into an assisted living facility. While I’m not a senior citizen (yet!), I do know that it is also important to make sure you “clear the clutter” so that you have ample space to walk through your home as well. Here’s how to do some safety updates for your home so you can stay put.

No Place Like Home: Safety Updates for Every Senior Citizen's Living Space

Do An Assessment

It pays to bring in a contractor and a lawyer. Why a lawyer? Well, because someone like, who may be the best Manhattan personal injury and accident lawyer in the area, can tell you about any liability you will incur if you start modifying your home. You see, when you start making adjustments to your home, and if other people will be coming to visit you, you want to do everything you can to decrease the potential liability of someone else falling or injuring themselves while on your property.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), along with the AARP, developed the Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) training designation for remodeling agencies and contractors. This designation means that the contractor you hire has specialized knowledge of how to make your home safer and more comfortable for you. But, he or she also knows how to implement solutions that are inherently low-risk from a liability standpoint.

Replacing Your Kitchen Countertops

When doing remodeling jobs, another area to look at is the kitchen. You should consider remodeling your countertops. Why? Because, by putting sections of your countertop at different levels, you can work at the counter standing, sitting, or leaning against a resting chair or stool.

Installing A Stair Power Chair: A Good Idea?

You’ve undoubtedly seen these contraptions on the T.V. It’s a motorized chair that is secured to the wall and helps you get up and down the stairs. These can be a godsend as they make it easy for you to get through your home without having to worry about falling and injuring yourself.

A Seat In The Shower

A seat in the shower means you can sit down and not worry about becoming exhausted while you bathe. It also means that you can reduce the risk of you slipping and falling in the tub.

Go With Wider Doorways

A wider doorway makes it easier for you to get through it. But, as you get older, it may make the difference between you being able to get through your home or not. Many people decide that they would rather have a scooter or some other motorized assistance around the house as well as when they go out. And, wider doorways mean that you can navigate your home without trouble.

Getting Money For Remodeling

Unfortunately, Medicaid and Medicare do not pay for remodels. You will have to find funding on your own. But, there are programs out there to help you. Home modification funds from Title 3 of the Older Americans Act would be the first place to look. This money is distributed by your area agency on aging. You can contact your elder care locator by phone: 800-677-1116 or by visiting the website:

Another place to check out is a national volunteer organization, called Rebuilding together.

If you have long-term care insurance, ask your insurance agent about whether your policy covers home modifications. Some policies do.

Jade Hancock works as a care assistant to the elderly, mostly making drinks, sorting out medication and being a friend to talk to. He writes about elder-care in his articles, offering tips for those looking after elderly parents.

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  1. These are good ideas. I know there are more homecare organizations that will come in and help you see what you can do to make it safer. One big problem is the outside – stairs, elevation, etc. I have a relative who should probably move, but doesn’t want to, and the house and outside are turning into a giant “booby trap.” I keep asking God to help me find a way to move near her, so I can help her.

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