The Proper Care of Bean Bag Furniture

When it comes to furnishing our homes, we rarely think of bean bags. Instead, we tend to go for rigid, more structured furnishings that are often more expensive and aren’t anywhere near as comfortable. In fact, as well as being great for comfort as well as style, bean bags have an array of physical and mental health benefits too!

But once some bean bag furniture has been purchased and placed in the desired position, many people completely forget that bean bags require maintenance and care to ensure they don’t lose any of their shape and comfort value. One of the main advantages of bean bag furniture is that it’s available in a wide variety of textures and styles, but this can require different types of cleaning dependent on the bean bag’s outer texture. So, if you’ve recently purchased some bean bag furniture and have no idea how to best take care of it, here’s some top tips on how to properly care for a variety of different bean bag types.

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Removable Cotton Covers

Perhaps the most common and easy-to-clean type of bean bag is those with cotton covers. As the majority of these covers are removable and machine washable, simply remove the cover (but be careful as you don’t want to risk tearing the bean bag!) and put it in the laundry – simple!

But having said that, there are certain guidelines about washing cotton you should probably take into consideration. The temperature of the water in which you wash the cover in can completely depend on its color and how stained it is. So, to avoid any washing disasters, read up on how to appropriately choose the temperature of your water and, if necessary, follow any steps required to get rid of tough stains.

Vinyl Bean Bag available at Target

Vinyl Bean Bags

This type of bean bag is best cleaned with the traditional soap and water method. Simply mix a mild detergent with warm water to form a bubbly liquid, and use a soft cloth to gently wipe at the bean bag until any stains are removed.

It’s important to only use a soft cloth with this type of bean bag as, if you use anything too rough or abrasive, you could risk scratching the cover and ruining its smooth appearance. But, if there are some stains that simply won’t budge, you can use a soft toothbrush instead of a cloth and slowly work the bristles into the material until the stains have completely gone.

Comfort Cloud Suede Beanbag available in 4, 5, or 6 ft. beanbag at JCPenney

Suede Bean Bags

Perhaps one of the more luxurious types of bean bags, suede is renowned for its soft and comfortable feeling. But suede is a little tougher to keep clean than other bean bag types and may require slightly more maintenance than the occasional wipe with a cloth.

To keep your suede bean bag looking its best, it’s important to regularly brush the bean bag with a soft brush to remove light stains and maintain a perfectly smooth appearance. But for a more in-depth clean for any tough stains that may appear, use a specialist suede eraser or a damp cloth to gently rub at dried stains until they come off. Then to finish and achieved your desired look, rub a metal suede brush over the material in circular motions and leave to dry. To discover an array of suede bean bags in a variety of different colors, take a look at ComfySacks where you’re sure to find something to suit any room!

The original Fatboy Bean Bag

Nylon Bean Bags

Slightly more maintenance than removable covers but less than suede, nylon bean bags are best cleaned with a soft-bristled brush as opposed to a cloth. A toothbrush will likely suffice for this material, so simply dip your brush of choice into mild, soapy water and slowly brush at your bean bag in a circular motion.

If there are any tough stains, directly focus your circular brushing to the stained area until it is removed. Whilst it can be tempting to use as much soapy water as you can in an attempt to get rid of stains, it’s important not to fully soak nylon as it could become damaged and ruin the overall texture of the bean bag.

Bean bags are both comfortable and fun to look at but, if you don’t take care of them properly, you could find yourself having to replace them much sooner than you’d expect. But, by simply following these basic instructions specific to the type of bean bag you have, you’re guaranteed to not only have a cleaner bean bag but a piece of furniture that will last for years to come!

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