Nose Jobs: What Can You Combine with a Rhinoplasty?

Considering rhinoplasty? Here are some other procedures you can combine

Several operations can complement rhinoplasty, both in terms of medical and aesthetic value. The procedure, at its simplest, is a cosmetic surgery where the nose is modified for many reasons. The aesthetic benefits are obvious, as specialists can change the nose to not only be smaller but also give the face better symmetry.

This process gives the patient increased confidence, especially for those who have been mocked for their appearance. However, it also possesses medical value as airways can be cleared, allowing the patient to breathe better and eliminating sleep apnea.

Before attempting any surgery, be advised that there are risks. While the risks of cosmetic surgery are minimal, they are something that needs to be kept in mind – especially for those attempting the surgery for purely cosmetic reasons. Remember the surgery is routine and therefore safe for most people; even if there is some minor redness or even scarring, this can be dealt with in future operations. Those risks need to be debated as part of the initial consultation, no matter how minor the risk may be.

Breast Augmentation

With the risks in mind, there are several operations that can complement rhinoplasty. The most common are breast procedures. In fact, you can’t think of one without the other.

Not only are there most of the same benefits in terms of a better overall image, but specialists can deal with any difference in the size of breasts. There is not only a personal confidence issue here to consider but also that breast augmentation can improve perception.

However, there are other options to consider. Some women reduce the size of their breasts due to potential medical and aesthetic issues. Mastectomy survivors also look into breast augmentation to obtain a measure of what was taken from them by cancer; at the least, some wish to eliminate the scarring from the surgery.

Interestingly, men are also looking into the surgery, albeit from a different perspective: Some men are looking to obtain increased pectoral size – the same way women look at breast augmentation in terms of appearance and perceived athleticism.

Removal of the Uvula

Sometimes, a uvula removal may be required. Normally, while most see it as just a fleshy mass at the back of the throat, the uvula performs several vital functions, ranging from preventing food going down the esophagus at the wrong time to helping regulate breathing. Some cultures advocate for its removal as a way to limit the risk of throat infections and other throat-related diseases, but there is no documented evidence that it actually works that way. This gives its removal a certain impetus in some cultures that see it as a measure of attractiveness.

However, sometimes, the uvula can be too large and it cuts off the breath while sleeping, creating additional problems such as sleep apnea. While it may not be necessary to remove the entire uvula, other objects, such as tonsils and adenoids, can be removed as well. As such, if the person is going under for one operation to deal with breathing problems then it makes sense to deal with another issue as well. This makes it a perfect complement for the procedure, and as such can even potentially extend the person’s life.

Other Complementary Procedures

There are many facial procedures that can be paired with a rhinoplasty. Some of these include:

  • Chin implants
  • Cheek implants
  • Otoplasty
  • Facelift
  • Brow Lift
  • Blepharoplasty

Surgeons often use/recommend chin and cheek implants with a rhinoplasty to add symmetry to the face after a nose job.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

While some use the terms far too interchangeably, there is a difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery: cosmetic surgery is defined as any surgery where the goal is to make the person look better — plastic surgery encompasses procedures that restore function to injured body parts.

While reconstructive surgery definitely has the advantages of improving a person’s appearance some plastic surgery definitely complements the procedure, most notably the reconstruction of a cleft palate or a harelip, especially as they deal with specific health issues in the same area but dealing with mouth issues is a natural complement to nose work given their proximity.

Marcelo Gersi MDDr. Marcelo M. Ghersi, M.D., is part of the surgical team at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami. Dr. Ghersi specializes in many facial rejuvenation procedures, including rhinoplasty. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has practiced in both Miami and New York City locations. If you are interested, contact Dr. Ghersi today — a Miami rhinoplasty expert.

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