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I get it, when it comes to deciding on your next vacation is can be such a difficult decision to make. Do you want good weather, a chance to be a little more active, work your brain or simply have somewhere to relax. You then have to think about the family and what they might like, as well as ensuring that it fits within the budget and the timeframe in which you have to take the very vacation you are stressing about. It is a difficult process I know. So often I find that articles covering one location is quite interesting to read when I am working my way through the research stage. I have shared a few different locations such as things to do in Florida most recently, so I thought I would cover another state that might be worthy of your attention, Ohio.

Perhaps it isn’t your obvious choice, but I thought there is plenty to see and do that would satisfy even the most critical vacationer amongst you. I greatly enjoyed my time in Ohio visiting. Here are some of the things to think about and consider if you plan on having a trip to Ohio.

The Ohio River

The Things to Do

So where do I start? There are some great locations when it comes to Ohio, the first point of interest would be Lake Erie, which leads on to Cleveland. The city of Cleveland has much to offer the art love or history buff with the endless museums and fabulous locations. A little further out would be Wilmington, and with places like the Holiday Inn At Roberts Centre makes it an easy pitstop. With the adventure cover worthy of a visit some of the smaller towns like Wilmington should definitely be considered. You also have the likes of Cincinnati which is actually on the Ohio river. If you like to geta  real feel for the place then the Findlay market will have you frothing at the mouth because of the amazing food vendors and feeling all sorts of creativity with the art vendors on offer. To the north of the city you have the famous Zoo, enabling this location to be perfect for families. Finally, the capital of Ohio, Columbus, is also a worthy contender when visiting this state. The cities Scioto mile is a string of parks that span on both side of the Scioto river, with a huge interactive fountain and trails to explore.

The Things to Remember

Some of the best times to visit the state would be in either the months of September through to October or April through till May. Although the temperatures aren’t hot, they aren’t as cold as the winter months, and it certainly means you get to avoid the humidity that the major summer months can give you. They give you some great temperatures at this time of year plus the changing of season for fall and spring means that some of the locations are simply beautiful.

I hope that this gives you some inspiration to consider the state of Ohio for your next travel destination!

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