Old Custom Holiday Photo Cards: To Discard or Keep?

The holiday season is up, and you’re wondering whether to hold on to your old custom holiday photo cards or get rid of them altogether. The cards have been actively piling up over the years, taking up your space. Here are some practical ideas you can implement when dealing with old Christmas cards.

Recycling is an Option

Attaching some sentimental value to the cards plays a significant role when deliberating whether to keep the old cards. As a result, you may decide to recycle the cards. For a considerable pile, you can opt to discard them to a recycling center that will further use the paper cards to other uses upon shredding and treatment.

What About Donation?

Sometimes, donating to old Christmas card collectors can save you the hassle of wondering how best to deal with them. Additionally, you can also give to your friends and family who will put the cards into better use.

Reuse Into Beautiful Art Craft

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There are several ways through which you can reuse the old holiday cards into different forms. Not only will you put them to good use, but it will also hone your artistic skills by creating something new.

Make New Cards

Creating a compilation of new cards from old Christmas photo cards is a fun way of dealing with them. You can cut out exciting bits from each card and join them together to form a beautiful product. Like a puzzle. Additionally, you can also cut out the photos and create a photo book with your loved ones.

A Christmas Tree

51 EPIC Christmas Card Crafts to Recycle/Repurpose Old Greeting Cards!

What’s not to like about a Christmas tree made of cards? It is a fun, do-it-yourself project that you can also involve the kids. Furthermore, it also sharpens your skills in art by creating beautiful products. You can take it a notch higher by including small lighting throughout the card, a perfect mimic of the traditional Christmas tree.

Curve out Fun Ornamentals

There are several pretty, small items you can make out of old Christmas cards for your use. For instance, think about a pen holder, key holder, or even a bookmark. Additionally, you can also create small townhouses with your kids and even recipe cards.

A Card Wreath

You can also make a beautiful craft of a card wreath by bringing together the different photo card pieces in a circle. After that, setting them up as wall hangings can be a beautiful approach.

However, before getting rid of your old Christmas cards, it is advisable to carry out one crucial activity. Countercheck the address list of your family and friends against the mail address they used to send them to you. Sometimes, one might have moved to a new location, and you still have the old address.

While at it, make fun as you enjoy the process. It is a thoughtful and kind gesture to send someone a holiday card; therefore, keep that in mind as you debate how best to deal with the old Christmas photo cards.

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