Old Things In Your Attic That Could Be Worth a Lot of Money!

I am a HUGE fan of Antiques Roadshow and I am always just amazed at the treasures some people have lurking in their homes. My grandparents were no different. When they passed away, we found scores of memorabilia in the attic from when my great grandfather founded Sunnybrook Farm (the one in Pennsylvania) and other items.

As Christmas is approaching, you’re looking for different ways to afford all the nice gifts you’ll buy every one. So, if you can run into an influx of cash, it’ll be extremely helpful. Funnily enough, there could be a secret treasure trove of money hiding in your attic. Have a dig around and look for these three old things that could be worth a fortune.

old things you find in your attic
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Books are more valuable than you might think. Right now, you can go on Amazon and buy a book for a few dollars. As such, you don’t think that the books lingering in your attic are worth much at all. Nevertheless, if you have first-edition books, they could be worth a fortune. Genuinely, we’re talking thousands of dollars here – no joke! If you happen to have any of the first-edition books listed here, then you’re about to become extremely rich. 

Okay, in reality, it’s unlikely you’ll have any super valuable books in your attic. But, it’s worth checking as any first edition is rare and could be worth a few hundred dollars! The same goes for comics – if you or a partner collected comics when you were younger, you might be sitting on a small fortune right now. 


It’s funny how technology advances dramatically, but then older things start to become more valuable. Some classic cameras from the 80s or 90s sell for thousands of dollars online. Likewise, you can even find a few slightly more modern ones that sell for a few hundred bucks. 

The best approach is to figure out where to sell an old camera. From here, you should see listings of different cameras and how much they’re currently going for. Then, you can root around in your attic to see if you find anything that’s worth a decent chunk of cash. 


Most of us have attics full of old toys. A lot of these won’t be worth any money because they’ve been opened and used. If you have some old Star Wars toys that you never opened, they could be worth a decent amount of cash right now! The same goes for pretty much any vintage toys you can think of. 

However, your main focus should be on plushies or teddy bears. Certain plushies – like Ty Beanie Babies – are worth serious cash. Likewise, plenty of rare teddy bears are considered collectables nowadays. My advice is to take any old toys and search for them online. This will give you an idea of how much they’re worth. Think about it, even if they’re worth ten dollars if you sell ten items you’ve made $100 to go towards Christmas shopping. 

Of course, if you just don’t feel like getting off the couch to tackle the attic, you can always use your phone and social media to make some easy money by doing things you already do online!

The bottom line is that you should look in your attic for old things to sell. To be honest, one of the biggest ways people waste money is by sitting on old stuff and letting it linger. If you’re no longer getting any value out of it, just sell it. You probably have so much money tied up in old things without even knowing it!

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