On a Mission to Change Your Career? Here’s the Best Options for Religious People

Lots of people spread the word of God as part of their daily lives, and if you are someone who has spent a long time following a religious path, regardless of your specific beliefs, you may want to develop this into a career. Lots of people are making career changes later in life, and if you are trying to follow your passions, especially in religion, there are a lot more options than you realize:


Of course, one of the more obvious roles is to be a missionary that will provide physical or emotional support in specific locations. Missionaries can also establish religious institutions in newer locations and promote causes and work with people to improve their development. This is a very rewarding role, and while there is no straightforward way of getting to this career path, it’s about ensuring that you have the attitudes and ambitions to spread the word.

Religious Journalist

There’s a lot more content out there now relating to specific beliefs. If you want to specialize in a specific area, you may want to go back to college and train, and there are organizations that provide qualifications such as a Master of Divinity (M.Div) and other associated religious studies qualifications. You also need to ensure that you are fine-tuning your skills as a writer, and you may also look to awards for journalists-related qualifications. A journalist is an infinitely rewarding career because no two days are the same, and if you are looking to spread the word about God in different ways, you can benefit from starting to fine-tune those writing skills. You could potentially begin by starting your own blog so you can develop a portfolio.


An archivist is someone who preserves specific materials to make them accessible to consumers. In terms of religion, there are thousands upon thousands of years of potential records that can be archived. Part of an archivist’s role is to research items to determine their authenticity and estimate the financial value. It is an incredibly rewarding yet solitary position that could work wonders for anybody with a leaning towards religious studies or attempting to pursue some form of a religious career.


A curator will handle the management of displays, cultural events, and exhibits, predominantly in museum settings. They work with educators and other individuals to create shows and experiences to provide an exhibit. There are countless exhibits in relation to religion all around the U.S. and the world, and this is a very rewarding career that can be a natural extension of your passions.


A chaplain is someone who is a member of the clergy and may be attached to a specific organization. This can be an immensely rewarding career choice, especially in the modern day where many people are experiencing either crises of faith or well-being crises and need to speak to someone. Members of the clergy can work in hospitals to provide emotional support to those at the end of their life and support family members.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to rewarding careers. If you are religious, it should never be an obstacle to getting the career you love and deserve.

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