One Father’s Punishment for Twerking

Update 4/5/2013 – The father in this video, Greg Horn, Arrested on Child Abuse Charges. The video has been removed from YouTube for its graphic content.

My eldest son was sitting here next to me watching YouTube videos when all of a sudden this young girl started screaming at the top of her lungs. It literally struck fear in my heart and I asked him what in God’s name was he watching. He told me it was a video of a father beating his two daughters with a cable wire for doing a twerk video and posting it on Facebook.

“What is twerking?” I asked him.
As usual, I got that, ‘are you from mars‘ look from him. “You honestly don’t know what twerking is, Mom?”
“No, I don’t,” I replied.
Heavy sigh. “It’s what you and dad were doing when you were dancing in the hallway yesterday.” (accompanied by his silly grin and shaking his head at the thought of his parents having FUN and actually DANCING together, heaven forbid)

Oh. My generation called that grinding with a mix of dirty dancing. Apparently, they now teach you how to “twerk” on YouTube.

The screaming increased and I asked him to let me see it. He showed me this video. (Warning, there is violence and extreme screaming in this video – I suggest putting the headphones on or turning the volume way down if your kids are around).

Do you think this father went a bit too far? My son didn’t seem to think so. In fact, he said that, “they got what they deserved. No daughter of mine would ever be caught doing something like that on Facebook.” Well, I’m glad that he wouldn’t allow his daughters to do something like that, but that’s not the point.
It is my personal opinion is that this was just extreme punishment and done out of anger. My thoughts are that dad should have taken a step back and waited until he calmed down after seeing the video, and then dealt with the girls in a more civilized manner – such as removing all webcams from the house, or taking away their computers, or disconnecting them from the internet all together. In households with WiFi, that can be done you know. All you have to do is get the company to change your login and password info for the wifi and you be the only one with access to it. Instant disconnect for the kids until further notice.
So my fellow parents out there – what do you think? Just punishment or Extreme punishment?

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