Our Day-After-School-Was-Over Vacation

I know I’ve been telling you all about the back-to-school sales and events, hosted a few awesome guest bloggers and their posts, so now its time for a bit of the personal!

It has been C-R-A-Z-Y around here the past two months. I don’t even feel like we’ve actually had a typical summer break – not what is our typical summer break anyway. We usually just take walks around the neighborhood and lay out by the pool, bandage up scraped knees from falls off the skateboard or the bike, and that’s pretty much it.

Don’t get me wrong. I have really enjoyed the fact that we have been busy. The day after school let out on June 13th, we were headed home to Pennsylvania!

Finally got to meet my niece, Jae-Lynn (instead of just talking to her on the phone!)

Met my niece, Vanessa Gloria, named after Mom

The Testosterone Carriers rode 4-wheeler all the time, my sister said good-bye to being single, we stuffed kittens in coffee canisters (because we could), painted turtles, played with fire (legally), rode dirt bikes and more. You can check out all the fantastic fun that we had in our Flickr album here.

It was a wonderful visit, but entirely too short, even though we did manage to pack a whole bunch into three days!

I loved every moment of being with my family and my new brother-in-law. I couldn’t ask for a better family to be a part of. I miss them all like crazy, but it has made me appreciate just how much they all mean to me – no matter how far the distance between us, or how long it has been since we spoke on the telephone. I think about all of them every single day and say a prayer for them every single night.

I also was extremely busy with starting a new internship with Kelli Miller at 3 Boys and a Dog (be sure to check out my “Back to School Preparations … for EVERYONE” theme going on over there!) and then there were doctor appointments and PTA meetings (yes, already!) crammed into those two last weeks of June and the beginning of the summer.

Tomorrow, find out what July has been like!

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