Painting A Decorating Budget That Doesn’t Break The Bank

Redecorating your interiors at least every five years is your best and sometimes only chance to keep your home looking the way you want it. Otherwise, general wear and tear can leave your walls looking tired, and your styles not quite meeting the standards you likely had in mind. 

The trouble is that, with current prices to decorate each room coming in at as much as $850, many of us find this is a task we can’t tackle until that paint is crumbling. This is far from ideal but, with the average homeowner already spending around 30% of their incomes on repairs, etc., $850 remains out of reach for many.

Unless, of course, we look into ways to decorate for less. In reality, many homeowners manage to remodel rooms for $300 or less by merely turning their attention to money-saving methods like the following. 

# 1 – Don’t think you have to do it all

Too often, we assume decorating has to be an all-inclusive affair. More often than not, though, simply touching up one or one or two features is more than enough to freshen things. In fact, many homeowners find that just repainting gets things back to glam. There is, of course, some risk of paint damage leaving you with no choice but to replace carpets, etc., but investing in enough drop cloths to cover everything is precaution enough against this. Then, you should find that you can save yourself a fortune with every redecoration job you tackle.

# 2 – Always get testers

Buying inappropriate pots of paint that we never actually use is another leading cause for the expense with tasks like these, and it’s an issue you can do away with by merely investing in testers every time. No matter how much you think you know what a color will look like, you can bet it’ll surprise you once it’s on your walls. By making sure to get tester pots and trying them first, you always guarantee that you’re never investing in paint colors that aren’t exactly what you want them to be. Thus, you again cut that budget drastically.

# 3 – Reuse what you can

Reusing whatever you can might not seem like an obvious way to make your home look more glam, but trust us when we say that this can work in every aspect of your decorating journey. Most obviously, these days, we talk about reusing/repurposing furniture, but that’s not the only way to cut costs here. Simple things like always covering rollers and submerging paint brushes overnight can save you from spending a fortune on equipment every time. Equally, washing out paint tins and reusing them for your decorating purposes could see you saving yourself the expense of roller trays and more. 

These efforts may seem simple, and perhaps even obvious, but it’s astounding how many decorators simply don’t consider doing things this way. That, alone, can lead to escalating decorating costs that you should aim to avoid however you can!

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