PayPal Scammers – You Need to Do Better Than This!

I just laughed my ass off when this came through my email a few moments ago, and I just had to share because I’m in a snarky mood.

PayPal Scam Part 1

Now, right away, the Customer at the top of the email and then being addressed as Paypal Customer are a dead giveaway. Not to mention that PayPal always puts their name as PayPal, not Paypal. Yep, epic fail right off the bat dear scammer.

We need a little bit more information about you to help confirm your identity.” Really? PayPal knows who I am, and they have already confirmed my identity and know exactly who I am. If there is any activity on my account that they need verified, they will send me an email, addressed to me personally, and give me a detailed explanation of what the issue is.

On to the next part –

PayPal Scam Part 2

Ah yes, the infamous Click Here link. Are you honestly that naive to think I’m going to just click on any willy-nilly link that comes through my email – especially when the link contains “…” at the end – which has absolutely nothing at all to do with PayPal or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. (Oh, and by the way that account is suspended – go figure.)

How do I know this is not a fake email?

Well thank you so very much for wanting to assure me that your email is not a fake by indicating that “an email really coming from PayPal will address you by your first and last names or your business name.” Really? Well now isn’t that just hilarious that YOUR email did NOT address me by my first and last name or my business name?

PayPal Scam Part 3

I really love the part at the bottom that shows the email was sent to – which is definitely NOT my email address. The copyright information just kills me – PayPal (Europe) information for someone who (a) lives in the United States and (b) has never stepped foot in Europe or ever opened any accounts in Europe.


I’ve reported your wonderful email to the real people at PayPal and I’m sure that they will be in touch with you. If you want to pull a fast one on this little lady, you need to step up your game scammer!

If you are on the receiving end of a scam PayPal email such as this one – FORWARD the email to and they will check into it immediately. You don’t have to put up with this – and the more people who take 2 seconds to forward these emails (instead of just deleting them) can help save someone else who is less computer/scammer savvy. You can find more information from PayPal on suspicious emails here.

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