Perfect Gift Ideas for the Men In Your Life

Is it just me, or can men be hard to buy for? I know I can’t be alone when I think that they are too picky for their own good! This post has our favorite gift ideas for the men in your life – no matter the occasion! Take a look and see what you think!

Quality Music Speakers

Mackie THUMP15 Thump Series 15-Inch Powered Loudspeaker
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  • 15" low-frequency driver and 1.4" titanium dome compression driver
  • Integrated precision crossover and transducer time-alignment deliver outstanding sound quality

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If the men in your life love music, a quality pair of speakers could be just the thing you can give as a gift. You can find speakers to suit just about any budget, so it depends on how much you have to spend and the features you feel would be useful. For instance, would you prefer the speakers to be wireless? How loud would you like them to be? Should they be portable? Think it all through!

A Weekend Away

Men like to be treated too, so why not treat them to a weekend away? Take them somewhere they’ve always wanted to go, and put together an itinerary. They’ll love you taking the initiative like this, especially if they are always the ones doing it in your relationship.

An Experience Day

Experience days can be a lot of fun, and you have an endless amount of options when it comes to what to do. You could go zorbing, skydiving, or literally spend the day fending off zombies. Whatever floats your boat!

A Watch

Men’s watches come in all kinds of styles, and it’s a must-have accessory. If the man in your life doesn’t own one, this is the perfect opportunity for you to buy them one! Think about the style you get for them carefully. Consider what they usually wear and their style before you make your decision


Most men like a bit of a drink, so buy them their favorite tipple as a gift! You could buy them a quality box of wine, or even a big keg if it’s a special occasion. If you have time on your hands, then why not brew something yourself?

A Utility Tool

Men like to feel manly a lot of the time, and there’s no better way to do that than by wielding some kind of tool. Buy them a utility tool and they’ll be able to overcome many of life’s problems as well as feel manly as they do it. A brilliant father’s day gift!

A Hammock

Hammocks are the perfect place to relax, and these days you don’t need to hang them between the trees. You can buy freestanding hammocks that can go pretty much anywhere if you have space!


All men need a cool pair of sunglasses that they can throw on and look suave. Raybans are probably your best bet as they are a classic brand!

An Apple iPad

iPads are brilliant gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and any other special occasion. You can do everything on iPads these days, and even better, they are portable.

Are you ready to treat the men in your life? They’ll love these ideas. Which will you buy? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Thank you for such great ideas, Kim. I really liked the post because it references some points which I couldn't think of. Though, I know that my hubby has a thing for branded watches. It's something on my list from a long time. I think it would be best to gift him a watch on our first anniversary. I have been looking forward to gift him a ulysse nardin watch which I saw at timescape. It's a bit expensive but I am sure he'll love it and I think price doesn't matter when you have to gift it to someone special.

    • I love the Ulysse Nardin watch with the boat on it but can't seem to find it on their website. Wonder if they discontinued it? My husband would have loved something like that … he collects watches lol!

      • Your hubby too!!! 😀 Men are so obsessed with watches. I am not sure about the boat watch. Are you referencing the Santa Maria limited edition? It is possible that they might have discontinued it.

        • Yes! That was it … nuts, he would have loved that watch. Our youngest son has taken up his watch collection habit as well. The ones that Dad doesn't wear any longer have found their way into his room and become part of his collection! Now I've got two of them to buy watches for lol!

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