Personal Sponsorship: From Proposal to Partnership

I have been blogging professionally since 2012. Before then my blog was basically just a place for me to write and share things happening in our lives. In 2012 though, I decided that I wanted to “run with the big dogs” and actually have a blog that meant something, that stood for something. Naturally, attending a blogging conference was tops on that list.

Like any newbie blogger, I was filled with excitement and couldn’t wait to learn as much about the blogging business as I could. I have hundreds and hundreds of bookmarks and downloads of how-to guides and blog posts on everything from writing the perfect blog post to creating a residual income with minimal marketing efforts, blog design and pretty much everything in between.

So I started checking out blogging conferences, and my heart sank. The prices are great for the conferences considering all that your ticket cost includes; however, when you’re barely scraping by and surviving paycheck to paycheck – they can be over your budget.


Everyone tells you, “Get someone to sponsor you at the conference and they will help pay some of your expenses.” Okay, that’s freaking awesome. Now how in the hell am I supposed to do that? Just send out random emails to people who I’ve worked with and say, “Hey, I want to attend this conference but I’m broke. Will you pay for my ticket?”

Believe it or not, I actually did just that. You can imagine how well that was received. I could never find anyone that was willing to really share how to plan your pitch and help you formulate what you wanted to say in your email that would get a resounding “Yes! We’ll sponsor you!” response.

Until today.

Personal Partnership: From Proposal to Partnership by Dollie Freeman, Founder of Focused Blogging Conference

Dollie Freeman, owner of the Focused Blogging Conference (and totally awesome lady I might add – even though I haven’t actually met her face-to-face – yet!) is offering you a comprehensive e-book that tells you just how to secure a personal sponsor to help cover your conference expenses in the step-by-step guide, Personal Sponsorship: From Proposal to Partnership.

Even Dollie’s own husband was like, “Why on earth are you sharing all your secrets with everyone?” Dollie simply replied, “Because I really want to see others succeed in their personal sponsorship requests as well.”

This e-book will help you learn how to secure a personal sponsor to help cover your conference expenses with this step-by-step guide that includes samples of proposals that were used to secure partnerships, and follow-up samples that are crucial for closing the deal.

Personal Partnership: From Proposal to Partnership by Dollie Freeman

I just bought the e-book myself and I am literally blown away. So much great stuff packed into these 49 pages, it’s the best money I have spent today and I urge you to grab it as soon as possible. Why? Because for a limited time only you can get this amazing e-book at 50% off when you use coupon code iwanttogo at checkout.

So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to head on over to the store and add Personal Sponsorship to your cart and apply the discount code!

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