Personality Clashes

Do you deal with personality clashes between your children?  I have always embraced the differences in each of my boys and helped them to accentuate their strong points and work on their not so strong points.  There has always been a measure of sibling rivalry between the two of them, but I am noticing that the older they get, it is becoming much, much worse between the two of them. 

At ages 12 and 9, they are to the point where they cannot stand to be in the same space for more than 3 minutes at a time together.  If they are, the name-calling, teasing, and fighting begins.  Most days they cannot even walk past each other without something being said or one shoving the other for some real or imagined slight.

This constant state of turmoil and friction and fighting between the two of them is beginning to wear extremely thin on our nerves, as parents.  Separating them and confining them to their respective bedrooms seems to be the only method that works for more than 24 hours at a time.  The punishment of being confined to their own rooms and only allowed out for meals and to use the bathroom for a 24 hour period … and then allowing them the opportunity to interact with each other once again like I said, lasts for about 24 hours.  Then the misery of confinement is forgotten and they are right back at each other’s throats once again.

School is out and summer officially begins here in this mad household Thursday afternoon.  I do not want to have them spend their summers confined to their rooms, yet I absolutely cannot – and will not – allow this behavior to continue.  Any suggestions on how to deal with this?  Inquiring minds are desperate to know!!!!

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  1. If you mean momma boot camp where they are under constant supervision with the occasional dip in the pool for good behavior … then yes. Anything else – that which would require money – no. It's all on me … and ME needs a break my damn self!

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