Pink Saturday – Autumn Flowers & Foliage

beverly's pink saturday

Well that’s embarrassing.  I had the blog post prepared and just needed to plug in some information … and forgot I had it done and it posted the draft!  Ah well – such is life, right?  So now – the corrected version LOL!

Beverly’s Pink Saturday is hosted by How Sweet The Sound and begins each Friday and continues through midnight Sunday evening.  This week’s post is about Autumn Flowers and Foliage and you can find Beverly’s post and the link up here.

Since I don’t get out that much to enable me to take photos of my own, I love to scour the Internet and find some beauties to share with you all when I don’t have my own photos to share.  Here are a few of my autumn flower favorites.

stepping thru fall beauty
old red schoolhouse
autumn display
fall foliage river
autumn path
autumn roadway
autumn, fog

Last but not least, these beautiful wallpapers were found at Desktop Nexus.  There are so many to choose from, so I selected a few favorites to share with you!

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  1. I love all of your pretty pictures! It's funny that you have a pumpkin flower arrangement, because that is what my own Pink Saturday post is about! Take Care,Stephanie