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It is getting to that time of year again when there is one thing on everybody’s lips… Christmas! You turn on the television and you are met with a wealth of festive adverts. You walk into your local store and there are Christmas chocolates and displays laced everywhere. The festive feeling has well and truly taken off. 

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One thing a lot of people like to do when it comes to Christmas time is throwing a big party with all of their family and friends. There are then corporate bashes as well. It is a time of sheer celebration. If you are responsible for planning this year’s Christmas event you will definitely have a lot on your hands. Nevertheless, it will, of course, all be worth it in the end. 

This article is here to give you a helping hand with the planning side of things so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. The first thing you need to do is decide on a date. If you are looking for a popular date, such as a Friday or Saturday evening, you will need to book as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment. Weekends tend to be extremely popular. Nevertheless, when it comes to corporate events Thursdays and Fridays are common options.

Once you have decided on a date the next thing you need to do is find the perfect Christmas party venue. There are lots of fantastic options for you to choose between, yet there is also a wealth of different aspects you must take into account to ensure you find the right one. You must consider the venue in relation to the number of people attending. You have to find somewhere in a convenient location with good public transport routes. Furthermore, you want to locate a venue with the wow factor. Why not go for something unusual, such as a museum or a theatre? 

After the date and the venue have been sorted the next thing on your list should be catering. After all, Christmas is a time that is excellently summed up by indulging in fine food. Do you want to put on a traditional three-course Christmas dinner? Or would you prefer to go for a buffet option and incorporate a selection of festive snacks? The choice is of course yours. The former option is very traditional, however, the latter gives you the opportunity to add a contemporary spin on things. You need to consider drinks too. If you know someone who has gone through troubles relating to alcohol, for example, they have been in a 12 step addiction recovery program or something similar, why not serve mocktails with a festive theme instead?

What about entertainment? How are you going to guarantee that all of your guests have a good time? The most popular option is to hire a DJ. However, if you truly want to dazzle you should look at alternate entertainment options. A live band works brilliantly well with the festive feel. Nevertheless, you have everything from circus acts to comedians to consider, and thus finding something that impresses shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 

If you take all of the points mentioned in this article into account then you should have no issue hosting the perfect festive event – no matter whether for friends, family or colleagues. Remember; date, venue, catering, and entertainment are the four corners of the square that need to be contemplated very carefully. 

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  1. Super advice for hosting the perfect festive event. I look forward to my family gatherings!

  2. We really enjoy get togethers any time of year. Thank you so much for this great and suggestive article. Merry Christmas

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