Plumbing Issues? Vital Tips to Finding the Best Plumber

My dad was one of those DIY types that did everything on his own by learning on the job or by reading books. We lived on a farm growing up, so my grandfather and dad were constantly building or fixing stuff around the farm.

Now your typical self-repair plumbing rarely will guarantee a long-lasting result, which is where a professional plumber can step in and help you in almost any situation. A specialist would be responsible for everything: fixing that constant drip, repairing a broken pipe, and can even design a complex scheme of heating or water supply. All of these services can be found in a professional plumber.

How to Choose the Best Plumbing Specialist

The internet is your Yellow Pages. You can find many different websites with the CV (curriculum vitae aka resume) of plumbers. The more work experience they have, the more likely they are competent and reputable. A great way to get to know your plumber is to ask questions as to where they worked previously, what type of work they did, how long they were with their previous employer, and how long they have been with their current employer. While I am all for being an entrepreneur and having your own business – make sure you check references and with the Better Business Bureau before hiring someone professing to be a plumber. An experienced professional will not only be able to do the job right but will also be able to explain in simple layman’s terms how plumbing works and what he will be doing. It’s significantly important for you to know the process and be able to follow your plumber’s steps.

Important Items to Pay Attention To

What other items should you pay attention to? Courtesy and punctuality of a professional are important. If a plumber warns you in advance he is going to be late, that means he values both his own time and your time. Does he listen closely to what you want to be done? A good plumber will listen carefully when discussing future repair work or goals and will be able to outline how to make your desired goal achievable. When a plumber asks you many questions about the conditions of your house, takes measurements, and clarifies the requirements of the job – trust us, it’s a good sign!

A thorough specialist will point out any difficulties or contradictions to what you want to be done if any, but will never push you to accept his personal opinion to solve an issue. He also will not take on a job that he has no confidence in being able to complete. A master plumber with great experience and vast knowledge will be able to clean the sewer, connect or repair your washing machine, install any plumbing, or even a heating system if necessary.

Even professionals cannot know every detail, but if he has ample work experience, they can easily size up a situation in a few minutes and do everything correctly.

Finally, a good plumber will always carry the necessary tools for any job with him. Check his bag and you will know what kind of master is before you. If all his tools are neatly placed and easy to find, such a plumber will most likely behave pedantically in their workplace and will be sure your home is left without any sign he was there. What tools are too cumbersome for his bag, will be easily accessible and waiting in his truck. It also enables him to take care of customers quickly and efficiently.

Plumbing Companies

What if you have a larger job that might require several plumbers working at the same time? We recommend connecting with some commercial plumbing experts who can provide you a warranty from 14 days up to 12 months on the work that is performed. A good plumber, or a company for that matter, will rarely mention a price to you before they see the amount of work involved. If a plumber offers the same price list for different types of work, we suggest you think twice.

Of course, plumbing services are different depending on the time and complexity of the job and, as a result, the prices should vary. An honest and professional plumber may give you an approximate cost without seeing what he is dealing with but should be able to give you a full quote once he has time to assess the job at hand.

Plumbing Company Reviews

Last but not least, company reviews. Trust the referrals you receive from friends and family. They have used this professional in the past and been pleased with the service and price or they would not recommend them. In addition, you can search online for reviews and recommendations via websites, forums, and social networks. Check all available information before making a decision – and remember, don’t believe everything that you see on the internet! That is another reason why we suggest reaching out to family, friends, and coworkers – people you know and can trust.

With these helpful tips and advice, we’re positive that any plumbing repairs you need taken care of will be done to your satisfaction, and you won’t need to worry about the quality of work.

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