Power Cut? Stay Entertained With These Activities

Even though they rarely occur these days, power cuts can still happen. Sometimes the weather is so bad that it affects power cables and other times, there might be a general fault somewhere on the grid. Even though this might be rare, it’s still a good idea to always be prepared just in case the worst-case scenario happens and you are left without power for a few hours.

We’re all so reliant on using power to keep us entertained, such as watching the TV, that you might be at a loss for ideas of what to do during a power cut. Here are some great ideas that should keep the boredom at bay until you get connected again.

Read A Book

Why not read a book? Most people have a pile of books that they have been meaning to get to for a while, and I’m sure you are just the same. If there is a pile on your bedside table or there are a few books on your shelves that you still haven’t read, now is the perfect time to dip into them. If the power cut happens in the evening, you will have to read by candlelight so you don’t strain your eyes.

Get The Scrabble Out

Bored games are always an option as well if the power does go out. If you haven’t used yours for a while, they might have started to gather quite a bit of dust in the cupboard! Scrabble usually goes down well with most people. Don’t worry if you aren’t too good with words – you can use your cell phone’s mobile internet to get onto a Scrabble cheat website so that you don’t struggle too much. This is such a good game, you could easily lose a couple of hours playing it!

Take A Walk

If the power goes off in the middle of the day, it’s a great excuse to get outside and stretch your legs. Now that the TV won’t work, you can head out for a walk. It doesn’t have to be too long – even a short wander out will still do you the world of good as it’s a great chance to get some fresh air and burn off plenty of calories.

Light The Fire

There are lots of people who still have an open fire in their living room but never use it. They might simply use it as a decorative feature. Now that the power has gone off, it might affect your central heating so you could always use the fire as a backup. Plus, it gives you something to do while you don’t have your usual forms of entertainment.

Tell Ghost Stories

When the power is off and the lights won’t work, why not take advantage of the atmosphere and tell some ghost stories to each other? Just make sure they aren’t too spooky or else you might not be able to get to sleep!

Hopefully, all of these ideas keep you entertained through the power cut!

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