Practical Ways to Save Money on Heating During the Winter Holidays

Saving money is something that will always be on our minds. Even if you’re rich and famous with multiple streams of income, we’ll always look for ways to improve our income by cutting out excess and ensuring that we get the best value for our money.

With the cold season quickly approaching, it’s about that time of year where we’ll be pushing our gas bills through the roof and leaving our electric heaters on for extended periods of time just to keep the house warm. Unfortunately, leaving our heating on the entire time isn’t the best use of our money and there are better ways to keep ourselves warm without having to spend too much money.

So to help you save a bit of cash this winter holiday season, here are some practical and cheaper ways to stay warm.

Tip #1: Wrap up in more layers

It sounds obvious, but during the winter there are many people that refuse to put on more clothing than just a shirt and shorts when they’re at home. If you’re willing to wear an extra jumper, put on a pair of socks or even wear a hoodie indoors, then you’ll be far more comfortable and warm just by adding an extra layer of clothing to your body.

Tip #2: Cover the window drafts

While you might not have the funds to completely fix window drafts by sealing the holes, you can always use crafty DIY methods to plug them up. For example, if you’ve found a hole then you could always plug it up with some putty or even some old clothing. Heavy-duty plastic wrap or film can also work if you need a DIY solution.

Tip #3: Window tinting options

Home window tinting is surprisingly affordable thanks to its accessibility and ease of installation. It helps to keep the heat in your home so that the sun’s heat stays around for longer. This means you might not even need to turn on your heaters if some of your rooms get hot enough throughout the day when the sun is out.

Tip #4: Drink and eat more hot things

Again, it’s another obvious-sounding tip but it has plenty of good reasoning behind it. You feel hot or cold due to your body’s temperature which is why it’s important to keep your internal temperature nice and toasty. Drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea is a great way to warm your body up, but drinking a chilled cola or eating scoops of ice cream could have the opposite effect which will reduce your body’s temperature. In short, if you want an easy way to stay warm, make sure you snack on plenty of hot things like soups and cups of tea.

Tip #5: Effective curtain use

It’s important to keep your curtains open when the sun is out so that the sun’s rays have a chance to penetrate into your home and heat up your rooms. When the sun is out, there’s no more heat and that means you’re safe to close your curtains in order to prevent drafts from blowing into your property.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some fantastic ideas on how you could save money while still keeping warm this winter.

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