Preparing for Winter

Winter is fast approaching; as the nights get darker, temperatures dip, and the snow starts heading this way you’ll need to prepare for the big freeze.  This article offers a quick guide on how to to get ready for winter.

The first thing to do, is to pull out all your winter gear and see if anything is missing or needs replacing.  The essential items are hats, coats, gloves, scarves and sturdy boots.  Once you have done a basic inventory, having worked out what you need to repair or replace, you can head to the shops – though a top tip, is to do this again at the end of winter, in preparation for next year, as this way you’ll be able to grab much better bargains.

Now, of course, preparing for winter isn’t as simple as just adapting your wardrobe.  You’ll need to prepare your car for winter so that it remains reliable, consider protecting your face from the harsh weather, and ensure you have the best water heater in your home so that you can always come home to a nice hot bath after braving the storms outside.

A further thing to consider, this winter, are all the homeless people that will be sleeping rough.  If you have any spare clothes that you can give away to a nearby shelter, that would be very much appreciated. 


You’ll want to check your  levels at the very least, but it might be worth considering having the coolant system flushed before winter as this is the main reason cars end up at the side of the road in cold conditions.  You’ll also want to ensure your heating system works, that there is sufficient tread on your tyres, and that you have some emergency equipment in the car with you such as a shovel, car cover, space blankets, high energy food bars, some hand warming sachets, and a torch.  If the snow hits particularly bad, then it might be worth investing in some snow chains to ensure you don’t get stuck in the snow and ice.


This winter, be sure to protect your skin against the elements, and not just the elements outside; one of the main causes for damaged skin in winter is due to exposure to artificial heat sources (e.g. radiators).  Be careful to select a suitable moisturiser as those which contain petroleum based ingredients can dry out your skin.  You might want to consider using a natural moisturiser that includes products like organic aloe vera and bee propolis in order to keep your skin soft, supple and radiant.


When the cold weather hits you want to make sure that your house is well insulated.  Heat rises, so doubling insulation in your attic is a great way to protect your home from the cold; similarly, windows account for a quarter of heat loss; and it is particularly important to insulate external and internal pipes to avoid costly plumbing repairs.

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