Preparing Your Home for Spring After a Harsh Winter

Tired of the winter season yet? Yes, me too. Take heart though, spring is right around the corner, and it is time to start planning to prepare your home for the spring season. That means checking the exterior of your home, dusting off the pressure washer, and grabbing a few cans of paint. Of course there’s more than just those three items, and we’ve got some tips for you below!

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Here is a checklist of items to help you get started on preparing your home for spring:

Start on the Exterior

  • Wear and tear on your home from the harsh winter is top priority. Examine the caulking around your doors and windows as well as the weather stripping, and replace whatever is necessary.
  • Inspect the roof – broken tiles or missing shingles need to be replaced and rain gutters need to be cleaned out.

Check Your Tools

  • While you cannot start planting flowers and watering your lawn just yet, you can make sure that your tools are in order and ready to go when you can.
  • Replace cracked or ragged garden hoses.
  • Clean debris from the yard, rake away any remaining leaves and clutter from the yard and flower beds.
  • Pressure wash any concrete or paved areas, as well as any brick walls and vinyl siding that has gotten dirty.

Check your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

  • Fall and spring are the two best times to put your interior systems through a complete check.
  • Make sure air filters are cleaned or have been replaced. (stock up on new air filters if you use disposable ones)
  • Have a service technician check your air conditioner before summer arrives – it will be much cheaper!

Make a Plan

  • Make a list of the items that need repairing or touching up around the home and schedule a weekend or two for each project, depending on the size of the job. This will help ensure that you also have an accounting of what tools will be needed for each job so that you can ensure they are working properly and ready to go.

The National Association of Home Builders has a great article to help with your planning – Top 10 Tips from NAHB Remodelers to Prepare Your Home for Spring after a Severe Winter. Check it out for more useful tips.

Make preparing your home for spring a family affair. Not only will it give everyone a sense of pride in a job accomplished and well done, the more hands you have helping, the faster it will go. Then everyone can sit back and enjoy the beauty of spring when it arrives!

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