Preparing Your Home For The Weather Challenges Of A New Area

Houses tend to reflect the needs of the areas in which they were built. For example, New York City is known to have limited space, which is why many of the buildings go “up” instead of outwards, and why real estate is ever-increasing in value.

But it’s not just here. We might think of the wooden cabins in remote regions of Scandinavia, or the quaint stone cottages in certain areas of England or Wales. A home built with the materials and character of its local area can be wonderful to see, and such virtues may even raise the value.

From there, preparing your home for the challenges of a new area, particularly the weather, can be important to think about. For example, in Britain air conditioning units are slowly becoming more commonplace despite being relatively uncommon in most residences beforehand. Now, climate change and increasingly warm temperatures require a diligent approach.

Let’s consider how else to prepare your home if moving to a new area:

Storm Doors & Window Shutters

Intense wind and storms, even hurricanes, can be very difficult to deal with for obvious reasons. This is why making fortiifcations is key. Storm doors are quite popular in some areas of the country thanks to how well they can resist intense pressure, while window shutters take most of the brunt your glass panes would have otherwise had. Installing them both allows you to relax as appropriate.

Water Runoff

Water runoff is necessary in areas prone to intense rainfall or even flooding, depending on your needs. Of course, flood defenses take the place of simple drains if the river bursts, but anything less than that can benefit from good guttering, drainage ditches, storm drains and more. Making sure these areas are unimpeded can prevent water from pooling and causing damage.

Community Engagement

Sometimes, the best protect you can have involves your local community. That might involve planning together against difficult snowstorms by making sure everyone has access to non-perishable food, that snow is dug out of driveways and from private roads, and that other issues, like the potholes caused by torrential rain, are fixed to prevent damage to cars.

Ice Protections

If your roads regularly ice over, then having grit to help provide roughage to a driveway or path can prevent slips, trips, and falls. Moreover, using extension poles to knock off icicles is common practice. You may also have snow shovels to better help you leave the property if snow falls rapidly and heavily over the years. Ice protections might not be used year-round, but having them in place can help you if the weather catches you unprepared. You’ll also be able to help out neighbors as discussed above, such as when you need to dig out the snow from your elderly neighbor’s front door and make certain they’re warm and comfortable.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to prepare your home even for the weather challenges of a new area.

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