Preserving Privacy as a Professional Blogger

Privacy, and especially data privacy, has never been such a hot topic as when the Facebook data scandal was discovered. Thousands of users scrolled through their social media profiles, erasing confidential data and implementing stronger privacy settings. Parents even removed the pictures of their children in a desire to protect their privacy, while out-going social butterflies have decided to erase their Facebook page to use over social media platforms instead.

As a result, the stock value of the social media giant took a severe hit. The lesson is clear as crystal: Don’t forget about the right to privacy. Indeed, even if you’re not in the social media business, the right to maintain your privacy – or the privacy of others — is not the kind of things you want to take lightly, let alone forget. As a professional blogger, privacy is a complex and difficult topic that you need to manage for your safety and the ones of your readers.

Preserving Privacy as a Professional Blogger

Working from home? Don’t share your details

Most professional bloggers work from home. Whether you call it your creative space or your home office, the truth is that when you are home-based, you can’t freely divulge your contact details. You wouldn’t want readers to ring your doorbell unexpectedly, just to tell you about how much they’ve loved your last article. But, it can be tricky to maintain a professional profile when you can’t share your contact details.

There are some tips you can use to keep your blogging business accessible to clients and readers without revealing too much or putting your family at risk. For a start, using a contact form directly on the blog means that you don’t have to publish your email address on the page. It’s best to use a business-like address such as instead of using your private email address to reply to contact requests.

Additionally, when it comes to your postal address, you can opt for a business address service. Are they going to forward my mailbox? Is my home address safe? Don’t panic: The answer to these questions is yes! Your privacy is in good hands.  

What happens to your recorded material?

As a blogger, it’s fair to say that you often need to mix the content on your website by taking photos and making videos. First of all, in your blogging career, you need to know all the tips to deliver quality material to your readers. But, more importantly, when you’re taking pictures of public events, you need to ask for permission.

Indeed, the persons who appear in your films and photos have a right to maintain their privacy. You can’t publish anything without their explicit authorization. While it may not lead to legal difficulties, if a user demands a photo to be removed from the site, you have to oblige.

What about the privacy about your readers?

Last, but not least, the GDPR regulations come into force on May 25. Even if you’re not based in the EU, some of your readers can be. As a result, you need to ensure that you’ve made all the necessary changes to protect their privacy. Make sure to inform your users about data retention for your blog too.

Don’t take privacy lightly, as the consequences of exposing your home address, publishing unauthorized materials and failing to comply with the GDPR could be dramatic for your blog. You can review our updated Privacy Policy to help you determine how to format yours if you are still having trouble.

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