Preventing Weight Gain If You Are Unable to Exercise Regularly

Being unable to exercise, whether due to illness, injury, or a lack of time or space, can be frustrating, not to mention detrimental to your health and wellbeing. We often lead such hectic, stressful lifestyles that it’s hard to balance our health and fitness with a healthy diet, the right amounts of exercise, and our mental wellbeing. So, how do you keep the weight off when you’re not able to hit the gym or visit your favorite classes?

The good news is that there are alternative ways to keep the weight down. The even better news is that they’re already at your fingertips.

Eat a Healthy Diet

eat a healthy diet

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight is to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables while drinking lots of water to keep your body hydrated. As well as thinking about what you eat, consider how you consume meals; smaller portions will help you to control your calorie intake while eating from a smaller plate is a great way to make you feel fuller more quickly. Take time with every meal and chew carefully, without distractions such as using tech devices. That will ensure you’re aware of what you’re eating and to recognize when you’re full. Oh, and that glass of water? Often our bodies tell us we’re hungry when we’re really in need of hydration.

Turn to Technology

We live in a wonderful age of technology. Whatever your goal weight, there’s an app for that. Check out the apps that will help you cook healthier meals, watch the calories and exercise within your means, as well as those that count steps, monitor sleep, and keep an eye on your vital signs.

We’re more likely to stick to a healthy regime if we’re being held to account by an app. Technology can help in other ways, too, such as fitness machinery, and revolutionary ways to watch your weight. For example, you could try a fat freezing machine for home to gently slim your body without surgery or invasive procedures.

Keep Active

keep active rollerblading sisters

Staying active doesn’t necessarily mean visiting the gym or working out regularly. There are lots of activities you could be getting up to in and around the home that will aid weight loss, even if you’re unable to exercise rigorously. Gardening and spring cleaning will help you to feel well in mind and body while making sure you’re putting in the effort your body needs. You might also want to try short walks around your yard or block, or gentle aerobic sessions on an exercise bike. Start slowly, building yourself up to increasing amounts of activity. Remember, too, that’s it’s okay to move at your own pace.

Get Plenty of Sleep

get plenty of sleep

It might sound unbelievable, but getting plenty of sleep does help to keep the pounds at bay. A poor night’s sleep can increase appetite, which makes us more inclined to reach for sugary and fatty snacks as a boost. You’re also less likely to spend time cooking healthier food or staying active when you’re exhausted. Make time to relax, and ensure you’re getting enough rest each night. Just a few extra hours’ sleep will help to keep your brain alert, boost your metabolism so that you’re burning fat, and aid better decisions regarding your diet. Feeling more awake will also help you to stay active – even if your usual exercise regime has been put on hold.

Whether out of action due to illness or injury, being short on time, or restricted by space, there are lots of ways to maintain a healthy weight without relying on exercise alone. A healthy lifestyle begins with a balanced diet, accompanied by rest and hydration, and being able to make use of the technology available to you. The road may appear daunting, but you’re making the first steps towards a new you.

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