Prince Henry Wants Me to Buy His Gold Dust Y’all!

So, I got this email the other day. Guess who it was from?

His Royal Highness, Prince Henry of Wales (Prince Harry to you commoners).

Yeah, the dude who is third in line for the friggin THRONE OF ENGLAND. I’m just as shocked as you are.

His email read:

“I have a business transaction of gold that value large quantity of Alluvial Gold Dust .I want to dispose/sell, as a royal prince I am entitle to a number of kilograms of Gold Dust everyday due to the gold mining in our community, let me know if you are interested so we can negotiate how it will suit everybody both shipping and buying. Regards, Prince Henry.”

Copied it word for word.  Imagine my utter surprise.  I had no idea that he had my email address.  I must be pretty high up there on the Royal Family contact list for him to write to little ole me and ask to do business with ME.

Prince Harry's Gold Dust for ME!


Although, quite frankly, I expected better grammar and punctuation usage from a highly educated Prince. Just saying.

Naturally, I responded back immediately to him. I mean, he is the Prince of Wales and all.

“I am totally honored Prince Henry that you wish to do business with me! Tell me, just what would I need to do in order to purchase this gold dust from you?  What can it be used for?  Who would I resell it to?
I had no idea that England’s royalty had people out sifting the river beds for gold dust.  Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.
I eagerly await your response.”

Too bad the response never went through to the email address he provided to me.

Apparently Buckingham Palace is having issues with their MSN account.

Prince Harry of Wales - Gotcha!

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