Prince: The End of an Iconic Musical Genius’ Reign

the end of a reign

Are you sitting in stunned silence as I am? I cannot believe the news.



Because of the flu.

A freshman in high school when 1999 was released in October 1982, I fell in love with Prince on the spot for his music and my favorite songs from the album were Little Red Corvette1999, and Delirious. 

This is the man that I fell in love with from Purple Rain.


As a junior in high school when Purple Rain came out, my home life mirrored what “The Kid” was going through somewhat. There was a need to escape home, a need to find your place in the world, a way to tell the world your story. In 1984, Prince got me. He pulled me in with his music, his fashion flair, and that gorgeous hair. (I’ve always had a thing for guys with really cool hair).

After Purple Rain, and really feeling that “connection” with his music, I couldn’t get enough. I cranked up the radio every time his songs came on. I felt like a bad girl liking someone who dressed so flamboyant and wore heels higher than my own. It was Prince who inspired the purchase of a pair of canary yellow 6″ heels with a wrap around ankle strap on a trip to Philadelphia with a friend of mine. At 5’10” I didn’t need an extra 6″ of heel, but I felt absolutely invincible in those shoes, even if I only wore them to dance around the house and to a club once or twice.

So many memories tied to his music, the stories that he told through his music, they will live on forever. The credits are rolling Prince … the credits are rolling. Rest in peace.

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