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Disclosure: I received a Prize Candle to review as part of a campaign with Tastemaker Moms. I received no other compensation for this campaign. All opinions below are my own and may differ from your own experiences and those stated in this post.

Okay, I have to admit, I have been absolutely dying to try one of these candles for the longest time. My local go-to favorite has always been my beloved Yankee Candle shop at Stony Point Fashion Park, but I just had to try Prize Candle, especially when I had the opportunity to test the Adriatic Fig scent that was delivered to me.

Prize Candle Review - Life in a House of Testosterone

My Prize Candle arrived in a pretty little package, all 9 ounces of goodness in a pretty glass jar. I couldn’t wait to give it a shot and lit it immediately after pulling it from the box. I’ve never been to the Adriatic Sea, and the only figs that I’ve ever smelled are the fig in my Fig Newtons … but if the scent of this candle is any sign of what a fig tree near the Adriatic Sea smells like, it is definitely going on the list of places to visit before I die. The scent was absolutely heavenly. I love it. We have a 3-bedroom apartment (1,063 square feet) and the scent from the candle wafted thru about half of our apartment. It didn’t quite reach into the living room (I had the candle in our bedroom) but it did travel to the boys’ bedrooms and our two bathrooms.

prize candle review

After about 4 hours, the candle had melted enough to show the top part of the bag, and my curiosity couldn’t wait any longer, so I did a bit of digging and got the bag containing my prize out. (I didn’t think to melt the candle on the stove, which you can do if you are extremely careful, to get the prize out quickly without waiting for the candle to burn down). 

My Pretty $10 Ring from Prize Candle - Life in a House of TestosteroneThe ring was enclosed in an extremely hard plastic case that I had to pop open, and then open the little bag inside the case that contained the ring and the appraisal number. Once you receive your appraisal number, you can go to and then enter the number to find out what your ring is worth. Mine is worth $10, kind of disappointing (I was hoping for some diamond bling ha ha) but it is very pretty nonetheless.

They currently only have 16 candles to select from in their collection which is a bit of a let down because I was under the impression that they had more aromas and scents to choose from. Another observation is that, for $24.99 I received a 9 oz . candle from Prize Candle but I can go to Yankee Candle and receive a 14.5 oz. candle (their medium size) for the same price.

Granted, there isn’t the chance of winning a pretty little rock to add to your collection of rings with Yankee Candles, but if the majority of the people who buy the Prize Candles only receive a $10 ring, I’m not sure that it’s a better value than – such as – a Yankee Candle purchase. It all depends on whether you want the ring, or an extra 5 1/2 ounces of candle to enjoy. The choice is that of the individual. 

If I am in the mood to gamble and have some money burning a hole in my pocket, I would buy a Prize Candle. If I’m looking for a great scent + value though, I think I’ll stay with my Yankee Candles and my Scentsy tarts.


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