Protective Equipment Is A Must For First-Time Rugby Players

Rugby is a sport which is enjoyed by many men all over the country. If it is something you are considering taking up then you are ensured to have fun doing so. Nonetheless, this will only be the case if you purchase the right protective gear. There is no getting away from the fact that this a high contact sport. If you are not dressed correctly then you can end up in serious trouble. 

The first thing you need to do is make sure you buy your stuff from one of the leading rugby stores in the country. Don’t just go to a general sports shop. You need to be certain that the company has expertise in rugby specifically. The best way to tell whether this is the case or not is by assessing whether they have a vast selection of equipment available and whether they stock the best brands as well. If they do, then you know there is a good chance you are going to benefit from high-quality protective equipment. After all, it is not just about having the right gear, but it is about ensuring it is of high quality too. 

So, what type of protective equipment should you be buying from rugby stores? Arguably the most essential product you need to buy is a mouth guard. There is every chance that you can end up getting shoved in the face or you can experience some sort of contact which makes you suddenly bite your mouth. This could lead to extremely serious damage. However, with a mouth guard in place, you will be 100 percent protected from any such injury. 

You will also need to purchase headgear as well. There is no ignoring the fact that you need to protect your head when playing all contact sports. However, most people underestimate the value of headgear. They think ‘oh, a bump on the head, that’s nothing.’ That is until they experience a serious concussion. There is nothing scarier than a bit of amnesia to make you worry about the risks you have been taking. 

In addition to this, it is also recommended that you opt for a protective vest. Rugby players often take a bit of a beating to their back and their shoulders. By wearing a protective base layer you will minimize this impact as much as possible. It can also have the added benefit of getting rid of some of the perspiration you will undoubtedly experience when playing the sport. You will also stop the appearance of abrasions on your skin as well. 

You should also make sure you prioritize recovery. KT tape is a good buy. You can read up on what is the best KT tape online. Make sure you see a physio too!

get the right protective equipment for first-time rugby players

If you are planning on taking up rugby – no matter at what level – you need to make sure you buy the right protective equipment. This is a high contact sport and you will end up in serious trouble if you do not protect yourself. Thus, make sure you get your hands on a mouth guard, a protective vest, and some headgear in order to enjoy the sport and be safe at the same time.

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