Purchase a Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Pillow and Receive a FREE Pair of Slippers!

Okay, by now my readers should all know that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers. Well how would YOU like to receive a free pair of slippers? Beginning Sunday, June 23 and running through Saturday, June 29 you will receive a free pair of slippers when you purchase a Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Pillow (at full price).

What says “I’m ready for a good night’s sleep!” more than a soft pillow and a good pair of slippers? Nature’s Sleep memory foam pillows offer the ultimate comfort for your head and neck. Imagine resting your head in the cloud of luxury a nature’s sleep memory foam pillow provides, while giving your feet a treat with our memory foam slippers. Right now when you buy a Nature’s Sleep pillow at full price, you will get a pair of our slippers FREE . We will ship your purchase for free too!

Use coupon code FREESLIP and it will add a pair of slippers to your order. Then just email jen@naturessleep.com with your order number to get your free pair!

This sale runs from June 23 to June 29, and is offered for the U.S. Only.

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