Put Down Those Scissors and Get Online! You Don’t Need Paper Coupons!

Most people are put off from couponing, because of the incredible amount of time and effort required to excel. To make enough savings for it to be worth the effort, you need to have a lot of coupons at your disposal. So, if you’re more a casual couponer, you’ll be happy to know that you can start saving more time and money with the help of this post.


Coupon codes and rules work differently, in different places. So always make sure to check that your code is valid where you live.

Coupon Sites

There is no limit to the amount of coupon sites available out there. You’re probably already accustomed to coupon sites like pluscodepromo.fr. But are you using them well?

Whenever planning a purchase, simply use Google to search for something like “Nike coupon code 2016.” This will give you all of the top coupon sites, in your area. Try all of the codes you can, starting at best value, until you find one that works.

For your weekly shopping, this can be a bit tiresome. Most large stores offer club membership for free. These clubs provide mailers and emails containing current coupons. If you base what you buy on the coupons you get, you can save some real money.


Facebook and Other Social Media

A lot of companies will post coupon codes on social media pages so that they’re exclusive for followers. If you’re planning a purchase, follow the various brands online. Keep checking their pages until your get a code or your patience runs out. Providing feedback or helping other customers, will be rewarded with discounts by some companies. You can also look to entering small competitions that businesses host.

You can find swaths of Facebook groups dedicated to sharing coupon codes and deals. By just following groups like this, you’ll start to see deals while you’re browsing the site day to day. Some of these groups go to extremes and allow you to save some real money.

Certain brands will use popular Youtubers to provide discount codes to viewers. If you have a product in mind, look through videos on Youtube to see if you can find a discount.

Business’ Websites

A lot of companies will use banner adverts or a special area of their site for discount codes. Look around the sites you browse, and see what you can find. You might have to be flexible about the brand you buy, but it’s worth it.

Other Tricks

Some business’ use targeted coupon codes to make a sale. For example, try adding a product to your basket on the Apple website. Make sure that you register for the site, and then leave. After a few weeks, you’ll receive an email containing a discount for the item in your basket.

When using comparison sites, always do it in a private browser session or with cookies disabled. Companies will use cookies to determine whether or not you’ve visited them before. They will deliberately undercut other companies on your first visit, but then prices will go up on the next.

This should get you on the right track, to save some money without much effort. Through doing this, you’ll learn your own methods over time. And once you’ve learned something like this, you’ll always be able to use it!

What are some couponing tips that you’ve found helpful? Share them with us in the comments below – and don’t forget to check out our Coupon Central page for great savings that you can print directly to your printer!

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  1. Nice post, I use groupon a lot and save money that way. I also belong to coupons to subway and one restaurant through emails, done some coupon online through local stores but that’s all. I wish I could learn how to do more.

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