Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cemetery for Your Loved One

Today, there are many cemeteries and many options. Thus, choosing the perfect one for your loved one isn’t an easy task. Do you know what you need to consider or questions you should ask when choosing one? We are sharing a few tips for choosing the ideal cemetery for your loved one. Keep reading to learn what is required.

1. Cost of the cemetery

This is the first factor that should cross your mind before you even start searching for a cemetery. If you find one, ask the owner or cemetery manager whether there are additional fees you will pay after the initial one. This will help you have a complete picture or draw a budget for the cemetery cost. Some cemeteries are costly. They might ask for additional fees to cover the opening, closing ad maintenance cost. If you feel the cost exceeds your budget, look for other cemeteries in your area. Ask for a quote. The one that matches your budget or with favourable additional fees is the one you should choose for your loved one.

2. What options are offered by the plots

This is another crucial thing to consider when choosing a cemetery for your loved one. Cemetery varies when it comes to sizes and locations. If they are located in a better place, their cost will also be high. Choose a plot size according to your budget. But if your loved one wished to be buried in a full-size casket plot, look for financial aid from friends and relatives to grant his or her wish.

3. Ask the cemetery provider whether he will give the exact plot or one like it

Some cemeteries offer different levels of burial plots that come with different prices. Ask them to show you examples of each level. If you need an excellent looking plot, don’t choose those that resemble it. Also, make sure you visit the place physically instead of booking online. Some people get surprised when they find out that they were allocated a back corner or a place near a utility shed when they book online.

4. Does the cemetery provider ask for opening and closing grave costs?

Even though this may be covered in the first part of this article, it is essential to ask this specific question. The costs of opening and closing a grave can sometimes be high, although this depends on the required amount of work. If the cemetery staff does the work for you, they have to be paid. You can ask the provider to include the cost in the whole package or list it separately. But it is essential to know how much you will pay for the work.

5. How long will you pay the maintenance fee?

Another question that should cross your mind when choosing a cemetery for your loved one. Some cemeteries may ask you to pay a maintenance fee after a month or annually, and that’s why it is essential to ask the question. If you need to pay maintenance costs, ask what kind of work will be done. Many people often go for a one-time charge because it is pocket friendly.

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6. Who will maintain the gravesite?

Cemeteries are different. Some may do the maintenance work, while others may ask the family members to come and maintain the site. If they do the work, ask how much you need to pay them because they have to be compensated. But if you are working under a strict budget, you should choose a cemetery for your loved one that allows family members to maintain the gravesite.

7. Will you use a specific casket type?

Another essential question to ask before you choose a cemetery or gravesite for your loved one. Some regulations guide the funeral industry, just like other industries. In many states, people are allowed to use caskets of their choice. Some cemeteries may ask you to buy their caskets if you want to bury your loved one in their gravesite. Check what they allow to be buried before the funeral day. If the cemetery belongs in the green burial category, do not buy caskets that are not eco-friendly. Knowing what is required in the cemetery site will help you avoid the embarrassment of wasting cash on caskets that cannot be buried in their sites.

8. Does the cemetery need a burial container, grave liner, or vault?

Some cemeteries may ask their clients to come with a barrier to place it into the grave before the burial. This barrier is the one referred to as a burial vault or grave liner. Some gravesites require barriers because they prevent the ground from caving in when the casket deteriorates. But if the cemetery does not list a barrier as a requirement, you can buy one for your loved one to make his or her gravesite ground look good. Because it will be an additional cost, you need to shop around so that you may find one that does not affect the burial budget.

9. Do you need a plot permit?

This is an important question you should ask the cemetery provider. In some cities, localities, and states, plot permits are necessary. If there are rules and regulations pertaining to permits, make sure you comply to avoid penalties.

10. Does the funeral home offer other packages apart from plots?

Some funeral homes offer other services such as transportation and cremation but at an extra fee. Ask them whether they offer if you need such services.

11. What types of markers are allowed in the gravesite?

You may have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing headstones and grave markers. But before you buy one for your loved one, ask the cemetery provider whether there are restrictions. It is essential to ask about this because some cemetery permit markers made with specific materials such as granite or bronze. If there are no restrictions, you can buy them from headstone companies. Headstone companies near me can offer markers or headstones with different sizes, colors, or materials.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cemetery for Your Loved One

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