Quick and Easy Renovations You Can Make to a New Home BEFORE You Move In!

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Some of us like to find homes that we can move straight into with little thought, while others prefer to opt for a fixer-upper. No matter what you are choosing, you still might want to jump in and complete a few quick renovations before you move in with your furniture, be it choosing the cheapest laminate floors for your ground floor or slapping some paint on the wall. Here are some of the quickest and easiest things you can do to make the home feel a little more like yours as soon as you get the keys.

Lay Down Some Floors

If you don’t like the flooring in some of the rooms, you should think about changing it out before you bring in your furniture and end up needing to shift things multiple times. By choosing the cheapest laminate floors that still offer high-quality, you can be certain that you will have high-end floors that did not cost you too much.

Laminate flooring is quick and easy to install, whether you are choosing to do it yourself or engaging in the services of a contractor. With fresh floors, your new home will quickly feel like yours that little bit sooner.

Paint a Few Walls

Any family with small children should make it a priority to get their rooms set up first. By painting the walls in a colour that they like, they will hopefully be able to settle into their new home faster. As with laying flooring, painting walls can be much easier when there is nothing else in the room.

Try to pick colors that will make you feel happy. There are so many choices that you can really pick anything that will take your fancy. From the simplest of neutrals to something bold and dark, splashing some paint around your home is one of the best ways to make it feel more like your home and not someone else’s. Save hanging wallpaper until you have a little more time after the move.

Change the Light Fittings

Whether the room is a bit too narrow for a ladder and furniture, or you have a bulky piece going right under the light fitting, it can be a pain to switch these out once your furniture is in place. If you aren’t a fan of the lights the previous owner had up, take the opportunity of the empty house to switch out some of the light fittings.

This is not about potentially engaging in electrical work to get the look you want. Instead, this is just changing out the actual light fitting or even just hanging up some new lampshades. Leave any more intense work for once you have moved in.

You may have a couple of days in between getting the keys to your home and actually moving. Use these days to your full advantage and start to get the house looking just how you want it to. By the time you move in, it will be ready to welcome you as your new home.

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