Recharging Your Batteries – and The Dog’s Too

Ever have one of those moments when your brain starts screaming at you,

“Enough already! I can’t take anymore!”

Yep, that’s what happened to me on Friday afternoon. I have been dealing with stupid insomnia all week, sleep one day, up for 20 hours or more the next, and by Friday afternoon I was so out of sorts it wasn’t even funny. The beginnings of a migraine had hit, and I had to just shutdown and get offline. It was time to begin recharging the batteries – and the dog’s too.

Mollyanna and I Took the Weekend Off

Granted, being the workaholic that I am, I had every intention of getting back online Friday night or Saturday morning when I did wake up, but my brain (and my exhausted body) had other plans.

Woke up Saturday afternoon with the pooch smooshed up against me. ( Seriously? There’s an entire couch for you to lay on and you have to lay pressed up against my face? ) The back was beginning to seriously hurt, so I took some of my spasm medication and drifted back off to sleep. 

That was pretty much the entire weekend … drifting in and out of sleep with the dog plastered against my face or her head laying on my leg and her little body curled up in the hollow next to my butt and my bent knee – perfect semi-circle for her to snuggle in and feel protected and still monitor the goings on in the household. 

We watched a marathon of Dexter on Netflix (when we weren’t dozing off) and that was about it until this morning when we both woke refreshed and ready to take on a new week.

So if you were wondering if the zombies ate us, or we got sucked into a black hole, or we went on some exotic vacation and didn’t bother to mention it … nah, we were just being bums and taking the weekend off to recharge our batteries.

Try it some time. You’d be amazed at how awesome it is. 

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